wind in my wonderland

wednesdays ride was the start of a 5-day binge.

thursday nights from-the-house fun-fest was a date-ride with cynthia. despite the warmth and calm of the entire day, the clouds rolled over and the wind showed up to accompany us on our quest for smiles, laughter, and dirt. gee, thanks....

in getting to the top, i do believe that the wind had bumped into cynthia in the wrong way and knocked her off the bike. gee, that wasn't so nice!! (wind is a not-so-nice riding partner,eh?)

but we did push through to the top,and proceeded the merry-go-round trail ... in a wind tunnel.

the thing about riding with cyn, is that the conditions can be completely trying, annoying, freakingfreezing and downright naughty, and she will still look and BE like this:
cyn blasting through the wind tunnel, giggling the whole way.
Thanks, cyn ... for an awesome after-work ride. I can't wait for our weekly dirt dates!
mmm... rollin' home once again ;-)

ed and i are on our way to warmer, less windy climes.... 3 days is the dirt should be about rooty-tooty-freshn'-frooty.