sneak attack

finally. some dirt.
(before the snow returns ... they say).
where we came from ... and went to

where we went to, and came from...

the chase bunnies. yes, they're all male, and they all stopped to look at a map. (not that they needed to).

they realized i was onto them, catching them in the act ;-)

the chase bunnies eventually ran into the chase llama (click to enlarge the pic ... it's there, i swear). the llama, apparently, didn't like to venture off the trail.

my very own personal chase bunny

thank goodness for dirt. i needed that, and then some.

thanks, boys ;-)

thank you, darling ... for the vision, and for making it happen.



FixieDave said...

wish I coulda chased a pink bunny!

FixieDave said...

wish I coulda chased a pink bunny!

Chris said...

chase llama. who would have guessed. I like your pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Llama 1 - Chase bunnies 0

Dave said...

"Chase Bunnies" is an excellent name for a 12/24 race team. :)

Glad you guys had an excellent day before the snow flew again. I am REALLY craving some dry dirt right now.

Anonymous said...

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