I had the distinct pleasure of riding with a beautiful crew of calm-cool-collected, uber-talented and beautifully-masterful riders this weekend (LW, DH, MC and his L, EDE). I don't know how I lucked out. I promise a full weekend report at some point ... soon.

Until then, one little story from the Sprite of Over-Excitedness (me).

MC made sure to point out every last possible "roller line" on both of our rides this weekend. In my hyper-excited state of wanting to up my technical riding game, I put myself on everything that didn't require 'air time.'

Sunday, mid-day, MC pointed out a super-sweet, double-pitched, slightly-gapped rock line that was right at the edge of my 'steep' and 'big' experience thus far.

I lined up, pre-rolled the entry point a few times... while DH and LW looked on in complete horror. Ed could barely watch, and I'm not sure exactly what MC was thinking. But, I knew I had it in me.

So ....... Zen state locked ..... and down I rolled ....

And what word involuntarily sprang from my mouth in that first attempt, as I rolled in a little too hot and a little too over-excited???


Yup. Mommy.

I did not roll off the end of that line particularly "clean" the first time. The second time, however, I rolled it without a sound, and rolled away as casually as I could.....


More pix and stories later!!! I promise!



sparkler hunting

Anyone who knows me knows that my energy levels are not the most ... consistent. A lot of the time I'm flying HIGH. But there are times when the light from within is quite overwhelmingly mellow.


So. When the uber mellow takes hold of my spirit, and I'm feeling and behaving dark, I have to really consciously and delibertely go out and look for my sparklers.

Yes. The sparklers can usually be found at the top of the mountain.

The thing is, usually just the endorphins from riding and playing hard will help to ignite the inner fires. But sometimes, a little adrenaline is also required.

Towards that end, Michelle and I set up a ride date so that we could hit my mountain before the next storm arrived. The goal was to suss-out a new 29er pony for her, to clean a rock she had to nail, and for me to find a box of stinkin' sparklers SOMEWHERE ... out there.

We found ourselves on the top of the mountain, and I was still funked and moody. WTF? Really? Michelle told me to stop thinking.

Thanks, M.

Our little sparkler-hunting route found us climbing in gorgeous light, and on empty trails. Really? Along our way up the mountain and through the woods, M found a whole BOX of sparklers!

She started by just showing up looking as Hawt as humanly possible,

... then proceeded to absolutely NAIL one of her nemesis rocks:

See the bolt of brilliance pouring forth from that soul?

Yeah, one happy woman! And yes, we scream a lot, and loudly, when we clear the challenge. Wait til I get the vid put together... you will fall over laughing.

Me? I've already cleared everything on my mountain, riding it in both directions. I've cleaned it up, I've cleaned it down, I've just not cleaned it all in one smoove move.

So, I decided it was time to up the game a little and take an 'alternative line' that was 'bigger' (i.e., more committing) than the 'normal' line. And no, I didn't have to make new trail to accomplish this.

Scott M, this is for YOU! I know you wanted this line last time you were here. So now, you have to come back and ride it ;-)

First, I had to stop and look:

My hands were shaking a little! That felt good. The fire had finally started.

Then, I had to figure out how to line up the front wheel, because the second that front wheel got committed, I got committed: there was no easy way out after crossing the line.

A step to either side would have sealed the deal for both of my ankles.

And, walla!

Screaming and hollering ensued. So much so, I had to calm myself down by riding it twice more. Truly, it's just a move that required commitment -- more commitment than skill. But still. It was a lovely moment.

My little box of sparklers found, we rolled back to the trailhead illuminating the shadowed woods, which, oddly, we had all to our happy little selves.

Thanks, M. For a lovely ride date and sparkler hunting ride. Much needed.



honestly ...

... there really are no excuses for missing out on the gifts from the universe.