truth be told, i really only had one thing in mind for this 3 day weekend. singletrack.

plain and simple.

ask, and you shall receive. right?

day one: rustlers, mary's, horsethief. i only snapped 3 shots. this was the only one that came out. i did not really feel like stopping.

first real view of day 2 afforded this lovely mixture of worlds: desert, and snow. believe it or not, this is looking west from the CO/UT border area. lots'a snow in places i've never seen.

it is pretty apparent at this point that i take terrible pictures of people while they're riding. i must work on that. meanwhile -- the boyz down in the wash.

this is the view looking south from the first false summit. for all those who care to know ... the la sals are covered in this thick white powdery stuff. TONS of it. we could see the la sals looming SO far away in the distance, all day long . one interesting note: VERY interesting doing part of the koko 'backwards' and in the light.

the 2nd day crew atop the first false summit. looking south east. ed, eben, chris.

they were 'scopin' the route' ;-)

i am so in love with certain spaces.

just some rock

this is pretty much the only pic of actual riding that turned out. this is eben and ed flying down one of the last hills of the day. i must learn to stop to take pictures of my people. i have a lot of practice ahead of me. but in order to learn how to do that, i must first learn to sacrifice certain moments of speed and bliss. this might take a bit of time ;-)

day 3 i didn't bother taking the camera at all. slacker me for riding the ss and refusing to take a camel back. i just wanted to fly around. worked for me, bu ti have no pix except these of the ponies put to rest for the long drive home. the pic above: pony, icarus, and silver

can't wait for more. more singletrack, more flying, more fun, looming in the future.
more. more more.

truly a wonderful weekend darling. thank you oh-so deeply.

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Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.