The Soul Of A Place

it's important to me
to resonate

with the soul of a place.
a space. a time. a tone.

to get to the soul of a place,
you first have to be in it.


to Be close with it
you have to breathe it.

touch it.
explore it.

learn it.
know it.

become it. graceful. kind.

the earth of it.
the rocks of it.

the grain of it.

the blue of it
the sage

the gold

the rust

and amber of it.

listen to it speak. and hear what it has to say to you.

do your best to reflect the light of it,

inside and out

and then you can soar within the soul of a place.

(all lacemine29 pictures - and all pictures of me - are courtesy of Mike ... thank you, Mike.)