a wish ...

it's not possible

to soak in

enough of this earthen season,

this ambered season,

this season of chroma and soil

this piercing time of shift and evolve.

i want to roll around in the radiant. the earth. the gold. the rust. the grainy aroma of.

to soak it in more

to soak IN every last bit of it's wild essence

and get it all meshed in with my soul. this season soul and my soul. one.

to know it longer

to savor it every day in life

because it feels that rooted

and that intricate

and that enlightening.

this is where and when

the earth life feels most passionate. most undeniably phenomenal.

and about 100 more pix here:

hope everyone is gettin' all crazy within it -- out in it ;-)



whatever it takes

if it takes riding to the top of this same mountain every single day

to find the right re-set...

then that is what i'm going to do.

happy-er-ness up there. getting there. being there. and flying back.

makes me all dancy and manic.




too low to find my way
too high to wonder why

i've touched this place before
somewhere in another time

now i can hear the sun
the clouds drifting through the blinds
a half a million thoughts
are flowing through my mind

a satellite recalled your voice
sent me round the world again
all the night you dreamt away
sent me round my heart again

one touch upon my lips
and all my thoughts are clear
i feel your smoky mist
up to the stratosphere

too low to find my way
too high to wonder why
i've touched this place before
somewhere in another time

thievery corporation - the mirror conspiracy - lebanese blonde



qualcosa di diverso: la cena

per la cena stasera ...

Pumpkin Salad with Mint and Garlic
butternut squash, fresh mint, fresh garlic, vinegar, sugar, cinnamon, pepper (ohmygawdddd)

Garlic and Sage Soup

garlic, sage leaves, thyme sprigs, egg yolks, olive oil, bread, paremesan

grazie, caro




go outside... participate in the light.

anyone else find this particularly yummy looking? how about 5 miles, up hill, of this looserocklight? yeaaah. mmmm....

may the outside light get meshy with your inner light.




a lot of the the time, my biggest challenge is simply crossing the threshold of the sahara desert
that is my front door.

any time i can make that happen, it's a huge success. i need to remember this.

thank the universe for sunsets that entice me out and keep me entangled in singletrack well into the magical hours.



vapor taper

spent the weekend in salida -- for ed's 6th vapor ride... and our engagement anniversary ;-)

caught a few images from saturday ... ed's vapor lead-up...

a little pony-love

dirty pony


our lucky number

smooovvveeee pony

a good luck tap!

and he's OFF!

zzzooooommmin' thru the night...

what a spectacle!

while ed was off traipsing thru the night and the mountains, sarahpie and i saddled up the ponies for some monarch crest/rainbow action... and didn't take one single pic. DOHHHHHH!!!

good job, ed... for knowing when to say when. i'm so proud of you.

and huge congrats to all the crazies who started -- and the animals who finished!




rock'n-roll ride date

huge thanks to LIZ for re-igniting a bit of the mojo fire...

Liz is the lean, mean, mtb-tech-princess-machine:

oooo.... can't wait for the next pony party!