truly wordless

Eszter did a pretty fantastic job of relating to you our 'magic-cracked-out-blissed-out ride through the woods' from last Saturday. I don't really have many words to add, but I do have a few more pictures. In all honesty, we were too engaged in a rock riding, tree flying, ridge climbing, soul singing, river skipping, lake jumping, high-altitude-loving, ride fest to take too many pictures.

All in all, we had a wildly successful adventure ride. One that absolutely tops the charts for me.

To add perspective on the BlissFactor of this ride -- to share with you the extent to which this loop (and in particular the last 10 miles of uberduffy, jaw-dropping-flowy, intricately designed, nicely choppy, and wildly FREE singletrack) lit up our MtbSoulFires, you will have to imagine this: after nameless hours worth of talkitytalk, singletrack talk, ctr talk, trail talk, sky talk, pony talk, and quiet-introspective talk:

as we rolled down the last 10 miles, we got quieter and quieter and quieter. it was so full of magic that words started falling apart, soul-excitement-expression became an act of just FLYING, and nothing could possibly be accurately expressed with words...

all the universe wanted from us was a bunch of cracked-out-fly-pony-grace through the woods.

we got to the very end of the trail, and just hugged.

thanks, ez... for all of that WiiiiildMtbBliss.



more ridgeflying...

i am now officially behind on ride, hike, and rideflying reports.

so, pix from this saturday and part of sunday are just going to have to do. i seem to have misplaced my highflying ridgeline pix from the previous weekend. i'll get them up sometime soon.





best backpacking trip ever.


Thank you, Starling.

and... ever see a white elk?

More later... much more later. 550 pix of 3 days, 2 nights, summits and summits and endless ridge lines of grassy, rocky, snowy, mtn goaty, elky, flowery more worth of more.




i promised you more... so here you go!

Friday: 100 degree ride with the LW powerhouse. thanks for the heat-riding (heat-recovering) lesson, oh great-one!!! (see the very few evening pix in the show below).

Saturday: The Infinite Smile Day with Cat, LW, MyssL. (all the GREEN pix are from Saturday).

Sunday: A cracked-out mtbBlissSession with LW. Strawberries, grapes and blackberries in the shade at the far arc of the new-trail ride. Hot. And Hawt. And Happy.

Thank you, MyssLenore, LW, and CAT. For all the blisssssnessss...