not lost...

... just trying to play outside between uber-focused, hyper-OCD work mode. It's a whole new thing for me. Totally and utterly consuming. Potential-chasing type of hardwork. Wrroowwwrr.... FSSSKKK!!!!

And I've been hitting a whole new STRIDE.

More, more, and more, to come. Meanwhile, more pix.

Ed and I have been out exploring new areas in old, unrideable haunts. OMG, the places we've never been! (and will be frequenting more often... now that we *know*).

Total Kitty Condoland.

We've also been TRYING to log some miles.... Ed more successfully than I. But, I'll put in the good effort when I'm not face-locked with my work monitors!

A nice calm moment before the climbing storm. I felt so goooooodddd to start.

TippityToppity!  Well, false tippity. But still, the view inspires and giddifies!!!

Aaaaahhhhh..... home sweet home.

Mile 35ish. This is where Ed dropped me. Like a sack of Bricks. Hello? Legs? Don't feel like keeping that crazy mf'n powerspinn going?  No? Don't feel like chasing a SSer riding a 34x14... while in your big ring? What? You can't keep up with that?  No. No legs.... No I cannot.

The ponies were all laughing at me while Ed just pulled away with ease, looking back at me, wondering WTF is wrong with HER???

Other beautiful meanderings in the snowy woods.

From 02.11-12.12

... and I guess for right now, that's all I've got ;)

Happy Play everyone!!!



inspiration slap-in-the-face

A few weekends ago, I needed a big dose of inspiration. So I conned Michelle into disappearing to the SouthWest with me, to visit my dear Jen down in Santa Fe. I was quite certain that hanging with these two uber-special angels was going to knock some play-sense into me and set me STRAIGHT on the path to daily bliss once again.

I couldn't have been more RIGHT in getting these two together.

Happy Angel #1:

and her luggage:

Happy Angel #2 (and her hubby who returned home late in the long weekend - having just sped thru the Antelope AZ endurance race):

We spent the entire weekend trying to match TRAIL choices to SOCKS choices. Yes, Michelle showed up with $175 dollars worth of socks to choose from. why?  Why NOT!???

KOI socks for the suuuuuper sweet swimmy-turny trails:

Definitely the Roller Derby Socks for the roller derby trails at White Mesa:

And how about a pair of Ninja Bitch socks for the schizophrenic spastic rider who is too over-excited to settle on just one state of being:

Regardless of sock choice (tho it really did matter), we spent the entire weekend eating. drinking. RIDING. went to the spa. ate the most mind-blowing cupcakes every single night.

How did you show up ???? BuZZY ss boi. you could have smiled more!! gaahhhh!!!! maybe if you had better socks.

end and i got married here:

OOOOO!!!  PERFECT!  Let's ride here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't worry, honey. it wasn't that dangerous... it just dropped into a little canyon here:
but this one: has much larger (and more painful) consequences:

Happiness. See what you two did to me!
For the record: no, we did not just ride at white mesa. no, i'm not mentioning the other trails. yes we drank too much wine -- but it was the end-of-the-wine-drinking-season blow-out for at least one of us. yes, jen is still healing from a wicked broken arm and no she didn't harm it in any way this weekend. but yes, she rode better than she claims to have been able to. yes i flipped out at least 3 times due to over-excitement-exhaustion. and no i have not learned how to control that just yet. but who cares, right? right.

Thank you, girls. I'm so deeply honored by your friendship.