for my mother

ma! pay attention! this one's for you!!!

the week has been big. post-grandma's passing led to grandpa's weekend heart attack. yyyyyyyaaaahhhh. one stint, a now clear artery, and a few hours short on sleep, and he's rarin' to go ....... it was really strange to see him flirting with the nurses. i've just got to say... ;-)

work has been a magnificent thing these last 2 weeks. the job became a career (like it wasn't before). but the new responsibilities resonate. and i'm on fire.

family stuff addressed, and work ticked n' tied, i finally was able to have my priorities not only clear in my sights, but i was actually able to execute all decisions based towards that priority.

this here is a picture of where my little world becomes attached the the www.biggerworld.com ;-)
(ummm... not a bad idea there)

where the world inside unfolds, exponentially, outward

it's nice 'n big out there. much more fitting.

and infinitely more satisfying.
yes, i rode the SS (silver) today. damnit. i want a new bike. NOW. pink might give way to silver.

i hit a few old chords of inspiration out there this evening

mom, for some reason, this picture is for you

see ma. i did it. ... ;-)

the other thing i've just got to say is this: that NOTHING beats leaving from the house, on the mtb, hitting a world of dirt and returning to home still on the mtb, all dirty and heart pounding. this is what i've wanted. for years. and it's all here. right here. right now..

thank goodness.

(i know you crack heads get this all year round ------ but some of us have other addictions to feed ... which leaves us hungry ... starving... jonsin' ........... strung-out ... during certain parts of certain seasons.) this must be remedied. i realize that.

you know. i'm just sayin'.



FixieDave said...

Oh boy she pulled out the single.....

I anit never gonna see you on the trail this year!


Dave said...

"NOTHING beats leaving from the house, on the mtb, hitting a world of dirt and returning to home still on the mtb, all dirty and heart pounding."
- Word to your mother. :)
I can feel a big smile coming through the computer via this post. Thanks for sharing.

JenyJo said...

DB -- word to my mother indeed!!

there is no way to describe the smile on my face (and in my heart) once dropping the final dirt line and flying out onto the pavement, realizing that all i had to do was PEDAL my little self straight HOME in the evening light all sated and blissed out ....

the picture of LW's kids with their giant chocolate easter eggs is pretty darn close.

satisfaction gauranteed!!!



human being said...

I want to live near the crack heads.