So Eszter and I set out for a longish ride.

We ride and ride and chat and chat and harass one another silly.

We fly by moto group after moto group after moto group.
The guys below yelled, in our passing: "You KNOW about this hill coming up, right?!!!"
Jeny: "YUP! Looking forward to it!!!"
And buh-bye. Poof, gone in a dusty flash.

And we keep barreling along. All happy-like and blissed out of our skulls.

We had mtb company for a short while. But they couldn't hang. So we ditched them and carried on.

We hit the far arc of our route, and hiked our bikes up one of the little uber-hills.

At the top, we pulled aside and watched in complete AWE as 4 moto dudes come wrangling their power-pony selves to the top of the little uber-hill. It was sincerely impressive.

First moto dude takes off his helmet and looks at us:
"HHEEYYY! You two have quite the reputation our here, do you know that?"

Ez/Jeny: "uhm, what exactly do you mean by that -- do we know you?"

Moto dude, and his 3 partners: "HAHAHAAH!!! We've been tracking you and chasing you ALL DAY!  Each moto group that you've passed has said something about where the heck you are, where you're going, and how fast you're moving!!"

Ez/Jeny: "Really!!??  That is really funny! Because we've seen at least 4-5 groups of motos out here."

Moto dudes: "YEAH, that's about right -- one of them even said you both just tore off down the hill and dove off the side of the valley!"

Ez/Jeny: "HA!!! ... yeah, that was the fun part!"

Much giggling followed.

And we tore our way back to the car.

The End