it's a date ...

... with my two hawt chicks and a mountain full of switchbacks.

my hawt chicks:: michelle and meg-o-ramma!!!!

one goal today: session switches. that was the request. so that is what we did.


moi, photo credit michelle

moi, photo credit michelle


photo credit michelle

don't mess with this one. she'll rip yer legs off.

mmmm has a hankerin' for some rocks...


photo credit michelle

photo credit michelle (thanks, michelle ;-))

teehhee!! more!

and then. and then it was all down hill. and who wants to stop to take pix going down hill? not me. not today. not til the bottom.

the end.



ez and chris' wedding weekend extravaganza


photo credit: AmyH

too many stories to tell all at once. which one do you want to hear about first?

  • pre-wedding chika roll?
  • secret stash rehearsal dinner?
  • wedding ceremony location hunting?
  • private super sweet and fancy three layer chocolate cake desert hour
  • stolen pony?
  • the weeeddddiiinnnnggg!!!!!!
  • returned pony?
  • rolling wedding party pony extravaganza?
  • the 'how is it we know each other again' story?
  • OMG: you're going to want to hear about the Bluegrass Playground HopFest Reception party. yeah that was fun.

don't know. it's up to you.

meanwhile... i have pix from the pre-wedding chicka roll ONLY. that is all i have. sorry spacefans ;-)

the wedding was beautiful, soulful, perfect. SO happy for you both!!!




something light and sweet to wrap up the morning singletrack feast

just the last little roller section... nothing fancy, complicated or difficult

just something simple and wonderful

thought it would be nice to share just a little ;-)

yes, this is exactly the music rolling through the head all through this morning's sweetroll



early morning parade

tuesday morning is elk morning! most of them have shiny new coats!

i like the little fuzzy, spotted babybunny!




sometimes, this is what the week day hours feel like for me:


so it's best to do the anti-that^^ whenever possible.
highhhhhhh.... mighty and...



and my sweet honeypie...
up close and scrumptious

speical ed. man of my dreams.

... he makes that our goal ... always:
biiiiggg and beautiful

ed is the EdVenturer -- and the Ed'sploration' expert:

originally, i thought my sunday spirit and pony were destined for some finally techy-ffin' singletrack. ed suggested a far-away-forray on a dirt road. and i had to think about that a little bit... because i've had enough smoove for one season. but then i got to thinkin'... that i know honeypie, and i knew what he had in mind, and i was pretty sure that smoove had nothin' to do with it.

we go up now. i really like the up. up. up and aawwwaaayyy!!

and more up now. more. because we love it. moreup.

and, truth be told, my spirit wasn't looking for just a bit of ST techfest, it was looking for wheels on the ground at 7am, at 12,200' by 11am, 9-hour pony + hike play time, and sunshine for the duration. it was looking for an all day forray into new to us environs and some HIIIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHHH countrayyyyy...

naaappppp here. for 15 mins. just because it's sunday. and just because i can. while ed takes pix ;-)

ponies at rest while we bag a ridgeline and peak

it was looking for an all day duration of whatever the universe decided was right.

of course, the universe provides, and the high countray means some messay and funkalicious jeepin' trails:

too much fun to take pix of the too much fun trails

soaking and lovely.

i was fine with that. that made me extra-extra happy. like i could possibly be any happier. any. at all.

this was the wheelie-pop onto the big snow drop.


thank you honeypie...... thank you thank you thank you. and, your pix ROCK! i can't wait for you to put them all up!!!


friday morning flight...

breakfast delight

mmmm... tassstttaaayyyyy....




wednesday's delight ...

... moved to the afternoon light!

it started off alright. smoove trail. saccharine sunlight. 3 sassy super ss'ers: jmb + cyn + moi (i faked ss and stuck the pony in one comparable gear and left it there)

oh... yeah ... this is off to a great start!!! first quote heard from another rider as we jumped onto the singletrack: "you all are missing the short-track races tonight, too, eh?" Helll yes.!!



we briefly picked up a 4th for a few moments


jj is not trying to run the pony into jb. nope.

jj + jb making nice

jj + jb have a little conversation. can anyone guess what words are being said???

thanks super stellar ss bunnies!

aaaahhhhhh...... perfect way to end a day.

sorry about losin' the keys and having to hang out in the parking lot for 1.5 hours for the rescue dude. DOH! the margs at dinner were a good reward for waiting, tho ;-)