Serious Antics

December weather here on the front range of CO -- up until last night -- has been downright balmy. Obviously, that makes for some wicked-fun single track at a time of year we're not used to enjoying it ... so much so, that Ed and I were in need of some different trails to play on.

So we packed it up and high-tailed it to Salida for the last two days before the storm. It's a classic "warm before the storm" sneak-attack of pony and dry trail stoke!

Ed and I spend a fair amount of time in Salida and the surrounding area, and most of that time is spent riding in the high country.

This time around, the high country was obviously buried in snow -- but the trails right around town... dare I say it out loud ... were freaking spectacarific! (We rode from the Shop both days: Little Rainbow area one day, and then the trails right out the back door of Absolute Bikes shop the other day:).

The Ride and Rally stoke was HIGH. The expanded trail system that Salida Mountain Trails has been working on is bearing some super succulent single track fruit.

I spent the better part of my mind-time on the pony trying to come up with words to describe how much FUN these trails lure out of an experience.... I fail. Period. This is as close as I can come to doing it justice:

Whimsical and Sprightly

Spirited and Rollicking


Mischievous and Teasing

We were up to some serious antics playing out on that sublime single track.

In other words: the trails are spectacularly playful! They roll and undulate and rock and twist... they are a rollicking good time.

And now, we're getting pummeled by a snow storm. Yeehawwww.... I have honestly misplaced my ski stoke --- anyone seen it around?



chickadeeeee date!

Woke up December 26th, and hung out in the PJ's all morning. Hot Mama sent a text, saying that she and the Princess were meeting for a ride date... so, the chickadees had a fancy little meeting of the ponies.

So, on with the ride clothes, and out the door to meet Liz and Michelle for a little play time in the Heat of December.

UP we go, girls!! Giddy UP!

photo credit: Michelle

And then down down down....

photo credit: Michelle

And last, a quick celebration of BlissFULLness....

photo credit: Michelle

Back home just after dark, showered, and back into the Pajamas.

Perfect day. Thank you, girls!!!

It's still nice outside --- so go out there, and roll around in it!



a little of this... a little of that...

... and a whole 'lotta sunshine fun!

snowy fun days up high early in the week ...

Ed droppin' into the soft and luscious

papa about to huck it!

warm, dry days from home...
Christmas Eve:

Ed, floating on ...

beautiful sights everywhere

December in CO, REALLY?


an old favorite, favorite spot -- totally rediscovered.

the usual scenery ;-)

siiiggghhh... i'll take a winter with this weather and these dry trails... yup!

Christmas Day:

can you believe?

that i was able to...

get Ed ...

to session!!!!


the thing about getting ed to session ... is that he breaks stuff... ;-(

my sweets...

Christmas Night with the Family:

Stellah little Ella!!!

While the mountains are covered in deep, deep white, we're basking in the warm sun and dry trail bliss ... something we're not accustomed to in December. Well, not historically, anyway. Maybe it's a sign of what's to come? Who knows.

Welcome past the holiday season, and into the wrap up of 2010. I hope that everyone is out and about and making merry ... and getting ready for 2011!

Alrighty... onto days 3 thru 10 of the 10 day vacation. Sunshine here we come!




Yup, time for another BooBoo post... before we head off into the mtns for some turns...

ma... make the boat go around in circles again ... ppllllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee

ma... ok, now that we've parked the boat, go away. i want to take a nap under the tree, in the boat.

ma... you can't see me... where's booboo!!??

here i am!!! and i'm so cute. don't ya think, ma?

he slept there for over an hour...

additions to our growing tree-critter collection:

BooBoo says he hopes that everyone is out playing hard enough to warrant taking naps under the christmas tree afterwards...

go do what booboo says. booboo KNOWS.



Hey, M ...

I just want you to know ...

That I think you and your light-filled soul ...

kick some seriously brilliant ... a$$!

Thanks for all your light!
You are the Angel of LIGHT!



Naughty and Nice

Speaking of Weather, of course;-) (well, mostly).

We'll start with NICE:

Nice weather brings all day affairs out on singletrack with blissful buddies and bountiful sunshine.

While Naughty weather brings 15" of powder for pure tele bliss -- destroying the body like only tele skiing can do.

It's been a lovely, lovely nicely naughty week.