people are just SO much fun ;-)

even when i'm not so much ;-)

thanks for a rollicking, frolicking, climbingly blissful pummeling....

and the down-hill parts didn't suck either.



yogi reflections

I'm going to interrupt the As the Beautiful World Turns series of posts and stories for a brief reflection.

But first, a gratuitous pony shot... she's becoming the Tiny Dancer ;-)

My wandering, funny thought:

So I'm in yoga the other day.

Specifically, I'm in downward-dog, as much as my hips allow me to be in downward-dog. I'm all stretched out, sweating like MAD, shoulders pulled and head relaxed.

I'm staring at my knees and I find myself thinking...

WTF. I used to have really sexy knees.... now they just look beat to hell.

And I continue thinking to myself... why on earth would that be?

Yesterday, I finally put it all together. This is why:

Yup. I have a penchant for liking rock funk, uphill.

And liking such silly things, I find that I slam my knees into hard things ON my bike, like I almost do here:

photo credit: Michelle

I woke up thinking about this so much, in fact, that I woke up this morning with one thought: Up is the new Down! OH yes indeedy!!!

But anyway. Michelle and I met up for another Raucous Rock Date. I'm really lovin' these outings!

Michelle has such grace!

whereas, jj has ... to just LAUGH!


I have a lot more pix, and a few more words in regard to riding this hill in this direction.

I think I've found my new Funk Focus. What a great way to school yourself over and over and over again.


Such Bliss.

Alright SpaceFans... time for WORKEY!



Anticipation and Hindsight: Episode One

westwater mesa view

Alright. I'm going to blatantly steal something from Ez ... something she said to me while we were driving for an extra bit of time on Sunday for our ride date with the Chickadees... she said (as per one of her brilliant yoga instructors: "use every moment, and every obstacle as an opportunity for adventure. Adventure doesn't have to be an 'in-hindsight' experience ... it can be a PRESENT experience. Every moment is an adventure, if you let it be so."

And how!

I don't know where to begin, really, because there has been so much adventure --- external things and internal (extra credit) things happening as of late. And by that I mean, fun things planned and lined up, as well as challenges, obstacles, and things I otherwise see as barriers for me to clamor over.

So, I'm going to start with a challenge. This is just ONE of a large handful of stories and topics I am excited to present to you. I am very specifically restraining myself to one topic today, as each and every moment deserves it's own episode and attention. I am merely starting with the one people keep asking me about ...

... The Pony Adventure! Yeah.... Remember in my last episode, I broke the HummingBird Pony, and was in desperate shape because of it? Well, let's just say that Jj gets a bit stressed about things like this. I had decisions to make, and a lot back-and-forthing between here, Salida, my mind, other pony dreams, and well ... other inputs... not to mention a head cold that completely took me out. I finally came upon the most efficient decision (duuuhhh) and WOW was I excited!!!!

ghost jeny

However, upon meeting the new pony, and heading out for our maiden voyage on local almost-ready trails, it was pretty apparent that either she didn't fit right, or that I no longer knew how to ride a mountain bike AT ALL. Sometimes, in my lows, I can be a pessimist. And the combination of those two possibilities sat in my stomach like a sack of potatoes.

Thus: in my anticipation and stress ... the evolution of an adventure.

So. it was in a state of fear and almost dread that I packed up the car at the last minute on Friday afternoon and just blindly bolted West with my road-trippin, mountain biking, partner-in-professional-eating Chika: Ez. We were destined to meet up with the Chikadees for their annual trip, and they were awaiting our arrival ASAP!

I stressed about the Pony and the Fit (and the potential end of my MtbLove) a LOT. So, after sleeping (not much) out in the open, under the stars, Eszter and I got to it: Between the "numbers sheet" I got from the last fit I did, and Eszters powerful 2-processor brain, we shakked and shimmied the new pony into a slightly different set of dimensions. And.... are you ready for this...........

My New TiPony!!!! SHE's a DREAM!!!! She's like a unicorn with wings (duuuhhh -- you knew I was going to say that, right?)! She is magic, and she flys!!! But no -- I have no idea what her name is just yet. She is SUPER smooth compared to the Scandium version of this bike. And she is ready to rock and roll!

Alright. That was a lot of build up, and I know you don't come here for the words, really.

So, for now I will just leave you with that, and you can expect another installment of As The Brilliant World Turns. Stay tuned for: "It's a Big Journey, Jeny. A BIG ONE." and "Is This Really Where We're Starting?" And, most delectably, "Desert Yoga." OH, and I cannot forget to mention "The Jesus Ride".

For now. I have to scoot to the place they call "office" and do the thing they call "work".

I'll leave you with a few parting shots to whet your appetite:

is this really where we start?

eszter in flow and bliss

sarah, dancin'! Prepare for an entire episode of How To Know When To Drop Your Pony And Do Yoga In The Middle Of NOWHERE. Oh I can't wait for this one! Wait til you see!!

And this.... well. THIS is the way to finish a ride.

Oh, and I cannot forget THIS episode:

Alrighty, space-fans. Stay tuned!!