2 nights of MtbBliss!

Alright, one set of pictures from tonight, and one Video from 2 nights ago!! (bored yet!?!)

Lucked out tonight -- Denver is being blown off the map, but Evergreen is sitting calm at the dark edge of the storm for some reason.

So I saddled up the pony, careful to take the torches, and headed out for some bliss.

I definitely lucked out. I had the WHOLE place to myself. And, I got to ride back down the whole thing in the dark. Ran through one enormous family of deer. Saw a number of bats. And another Owl in the middle of the trail! Definitely a sweet success.

ANNNNDDDD.... Tuesday night, with my sweet ridin' pal M, we headed out for a thoroughly ruckus night of MTBFun and MTB-Games!!! I caught a ton of video just to showcase some of the kick-ass fun riding we have around here. Not that most of you don't already know it and ride it... but I had to express my Personal MTB Hype ... just because I can... and just because it's SO stinkin' FUN!!!



such bliss!

How about some video!?!
... a little mellow rock work from a slow, all afternoon ride from home. this is just a sampling of some fun stuff on a fun loop. nothing too huge, but of course, it's always a bit bigger than it looks ;-)

For ScottMorris: rocks!
For Lynda and Dave: you two, please come play!
For GooneyNess: one night this week. Get here.
For Mom: more for you to see!

not the most interesting film, and of course, video/camera does the trail and mess absolutely NO justice at all. oh-well. can't seem to get around that one!

In other news:
ChainRingBolt Engagement Ring!! They're all the rave!!!!

Yup, it's true!!! Ed bolted me during the VaporTrail!



the perfect day ...

... for an all afternoon ride.

caught a bunch of video along the way...

25mi, 3420', leisurely.



we're back!

A few pix from our week in Ouray and Silverton!!!

Ed will post his INCREDIBLE pictures some time soon -- I hope. I almost didn't bother taking pix this time. Ed's are truly wonderful!

More, please!!



The Story

Everyone else is doing it, so here is my silly 'ride report':

Lining up for the Vt125, I had 2 lists. One list (list A) contained all the things I could control going into the race and during the race (course knowledge, time knowledge, food, bike, MIND SET). The other list (list B) contained the things that were either Unknown, or Uncontrollable.

I was actually able to line up with list A pretty well managed. For once, my head was on board -- with the dark, the distance, the course (intimately so), the requirements of the time and space ... all of it. I will not lie: I felt really prepared internally and externally as much as possible.

List B, however, had a couple items on it that were ... deal breakers if they showed up. The biggest thing on list B was the Body-Energy state. My 2 to 3 -month fight with the belly and the bottomless-ly empty energy, left me with so few days to really test the engines before ride day. This was a big Unknown for me ... and without it, I knew I'd have no interest in trying to log this kind of ride.

Unfortunately, the body simply didn't show up. On top of the fact that the rain and cold weather were wrecking havoc on my Fun factor, I simply didn't make the decision to LET the body try and show up somewhere along that 108 mile course. So that was my failure this time. But truth be told, I wasn't too up for repeating my Midnight Rodeo ride for an extended period.

So I flipped the pony, bundled up, and blew through a bubble of illuminated fog, straight back to the hotel room.

So that is my "race report" for the race that was hardly a race, having only completed section one ;-)

hehehehe.... Next time. The body will come back. And all will be well.

On the more incredible side:

EDE completely blew through the night and finished his 5th VT125!!! What a MAN! He is my sexxy-beast, and I admire him so much! Way to go, super-buny!!

And, my dear friend and riding partner, Ez, completely and utterly beat the peepee out of everyone. 4th Overall -- the only woman to brave the wet night, holding on for the magic of the dawn.

Here is Ez in her Pre-Win State, soaked by rain already and all:

And, here is Ez realizing that it was actually, ME who was helping her Caffinate and get all sugar-loaded up on top of Monarch (I think she said something like this: "oh .... what are YOU doing here":

And, Ez's man, SuperChris ... frakin' ROCKED the course and finished in a blaze of glory, too! WTF... I thought you were 'resting' dude ;-)

To all the finishers this year: WAY TO RIDE!!!!!

And now: Ed and I spent 2 days in Ouray, soaking in the mineral hot springs and vapor caves (yes, seriously), and hiking the straight-up mountain bliss.

We're now in Silverton, soaking in the Fall colors and season change.

We're soaking in the very Mellow Mountain Love.

More stories to come!!



Giddy UP!!!




head in the clouds

so i'm barreling down the last bit of local, back-woods singletrack for the night ... rippin' along, just minding my own business ... head completely in the clouds ...

i round a corner and for some reason 'come to' (apparently my head was REALLY lost in the clouds)... I come to, look around as I start to bank the last bit of this turn... and what do i see?

i see that i'm about to barrel straight into the middle of a large herd of elk!!!

look who was there!(horrible picture, but i couldn't pass taking this one)

yup. he was bugling and chasing ALL of the femmes around. he was definitely large and in charge.

anyway... other pix from the ride this evening:




Got home from work with two thoughts: change the front tire, and go for a spin.

Is it me, or are Bontragers difficult to remove from rims? My work clothes are now covered in dirt from the last few rides I've done. Surprised? No.

The sky was heavy with black, streaked clouds and the wind ripped through the pine and aspen trees. Rolling thunder echoed off the surrounding hills ... and I could not WAIT to get out onto the singletrack.

By the time I hit dirt and pine, the forest was nice and dark, and the few already evolving aspen leaves brightened the darker forest coves. The wind stopped and the air cooled. The clouds moved South and the light started to glow. Not a soul on the trail tonight. It was so nice and silent ... and refreshing.

Gentle ride tonight. Just to spinn and roll and play. Found myself at a lookout about 1/2 way up the mountain. And what did I see?

A rainbow!

Horrible, grainy pic, I know. Sorry.

Hung out for a while, listening to the thunder.

Rolled back home just before dark.



shakeout ...

... continuing the shake-out process. At this point, I'm just shooting to line up, but not to race. Goal is to finish, and to smile as much as possible. No times. Just crossin' that line.

This mornings goal was to just get back onto the pony, one pedal in front of the other. I just needed to see how it felt to ride again, since it seems like it's been a while. I'm finally off all of the anti-biotics, and I'm hoping the bod rebounds in some magic way. Not yet tho -- and until then, I feel a little touch-and-go, and a little careful to not burn myself to a crisp. Fun is the name of the game.

Well, I guess I did ride on Wednesday ;-) Wednesday's ride with Ez, while furiously fun and delightful, found me feeling FLAT. I had to remind myself that FLAT is far better than EMPTY or WASTED. So I guess it was a success ;-) We rode some rolly flat stuff, and eventually got our ponies to the base of Rattlesnake. Riding up Rattlesnake I was reminded about what a blessing Granny Gear can be. I'm expecting to spend a tremendous amount of time in GG next weekend -- so it was good practice ;-) It did feel good to clear all the rocky stuff, tho! Even the scary one! That was a success! Go team!!

Eszter, of course, was outta sight. Literally.

This mornings ride was just to re-experience the pony, pedaling, music, new tires ... all that pony-lovn'-jazz. The bike is together and all sussed out, minus one issue. I made a poor choice in rear tire. While it plays billy-goat in the choss and messy funk, it rolls kinda slow over smoother ground and makes me feel like I'm dragging cinder-blocks behind me. That's not a good feeling. Gotta find a good, fast, nimble, and yet messy-lovin' tire. Suggestions? (Jones AcX is on there now).

I made it to the top of what I didn't think I was even remotely interested in climbing ;-) I took my time, and even got off to walk a bit. It was a spectacular mid-day up on top. The rain storms were just about to blow in. The light was fantastic. The air was cool and I had goose bumps as I started back down the hill.

I hung out with this little critter for a while:

Back home in under 2 hours without obviously trying. I think that's mostly due to finding a bit of synchronicity along the way. As I started bombing down the messy, long descent, Dvorak's Symphony #9-Alegro con Fuoco started playing it's way thru the ipod, into the skull, and flowed directly through my body and into my bike. What happened then was a flowing, strong symphony of speed and grace ... barreling down through the forest, grin wide across my heart and soul.

Then... a nap. The perfect day.