birthday flight

january 15, 2014.

birthday day was a flight
through sparkle white
bluebird sky
and deep firey glow

far, far away from work.

profoundly deep sleep in.

scrumptious brekki.

vanilla malt for brekki-desert. (good way to start the day -- my new fave pre-ride desert).

6 hours of ride time in the sunshine, sunset, and moonshine.

all day glowing.

all day loving.

all day soaring.

mike showed me the grace and challenge of the 'great white track'.

i fed him chocolate along the way.

it worked.

we met the end of the day, in awe, humble and grateful, as the light distilled, staining the sky;
light infusion of a magnitude and depth i've never known.

we experienced a solid amount of "sunset glow energy crack". energy lit up on fire, powered us, moving swiftly, strongly.

until it was gone. then we slowed. and moved like whispers through the black and white deep space.

it all felt so especially charmed. and especially right.
ringing true.
thank you, my love. thank you for the beautiful day. thank you.

i could not have been more in love with this day if i tried.