anyone know what this is?



fire on the mtn

mighty fine display of color and fire before 6am today.

rolled as lightly as possible this morning...

but jeny is cooked.

time for rest;)



oooT and aboooT ...

... on empty trails, watching the flowers parade ...



rock candy for breakfast

sometimes, it takes a little 'extra-sumthin'' to wake up in the morning.

thurs morning, it took a hearty meal of rock candy to snap out of sleepy-head mode, and into I'M AWAKE AND READY FOR LIFE mode!

nothing like heading out with a tech goddess to get the schoolin' goin'.

Thanks, Liz. for another masterful morning ;-)

and last, for GIGGLES, lizzzz caught a quick clip of me dropping the zorro staircase. such fun.

it's friday. i hope everyone's got a hearty set of play plans for the weekend!!!



resuming the breakfast rollllllls!!!

lucky morning laying fresh tracks on fresh trails. lucky morning riding with an icing of fog and cool air --wrapped around a dense cake of singletrack and forest. scrumptious. a blessed breakfast ride, if you ask me.

the only real pic from the breakfast roll this morning:

liz really rocks it.


thanks liz!

more please.




reintegration week has been... challenging. at best. i've taken a little time off the bike. (mistake?) work has been the focus. (another mistake?) it's so ... not like riding bikes all big every single day.

but alas. we must. and we must. so we do.

this is kinda what my psychic energy feels like:

boom! poof! sshhhwiwigghlle!

thank goodness for sweet little bunycakes like this to brighten up the world:

world, meet Ella. she is a supataaaahhhh!!!!

that last pic, that was taken on wednesday.

in the pic below, taken today, ella says: "Ed, I SAID NO PAPARAZZIIII!!!!"

she sure is a sweet cakes. we went on a hike today, after my ridiculous ride.

we saw a world of beautiful things

but stellah ella ....

she is the most beautiful, by far.

thanks sissypie, for sharing your beautiful baby bunny with us today!



grand finale

no better way to wrap up 9 days of riding than...

... to go big.

so that is what we did. 9 hours worth of dream chasin'. we basically hit star pass twice (once from each side), with a nice extra very full loop of pass climbing-streamline descending-pass climbing again in the middle. whooie!!!!

thank you, honeybear.




nice hike today.

we napped in a basin between here:

and here:

my honeypie:


go get some sunshine in your soul. now.



wednesday's wonderland

absolutely and completely riding myself into the ground here.

and lovin' every last single second of it.

for ed's pix from today go here.


we started out with a spectacularly pleasant 3K climb to here:

then scrambled, bikes on back, another few hundi feet to here:

ed, starling, loving every single step:

and then proceeded to ride the very edges of the wide-angle ridge line, total vertigo moments included... (see ed next to the edge!!!!?)

... scraping the blue ink of the sky, all along the edge ... for EVER.

in the pic below, we bombed down from where we were, then up the faint singletrack that heads up the right side towards the ridge, rolled delicately well beyond that, and then some, along the ridge line that goes straight right out of the right edge of the pic.

life is grand.

felt surprisingly well, and cleared more climbing that i ever would have thought on day 5 of our little bender. i know 5 days is a row is nothing too impressive. neither is 27 hrs out on the ponies in those short days.

but still. jeny is ti-ti.

i love our bender.