the Bold and the Beautiful

... or, as some of you may know them, the GooneyRyder and the BeautyWild ... both of whom are both powerfully bold and beautiful ... these were my play-time partners for the weekend....

this is where we went to play:

how do you tell your friends you love them, deeply?

you go out to the desert with them and you play like absolute MAD!!!!! that's how!

From left to right: Carney - wondering how he lucked out so big; BeautyWild - contemplating the breeze coming up beneath her feet; and Ez - holding onto the tree for dear life!

we were also tremendously lucky to hook up and pony around with local front-range tech-ryder-master, LIZ (hawt extrordinaire)!!!!

no real pix (i took all of these with the phone camera, and that just wasn't cutting it), as the camera FAILED on the first climb of the first day. and, no real pix from day 2, as the pony died on the first climb of the second day.

i highly recommend heading to the bold and the beautiful blogs for more pix and more words than i dare to try and come up with.

thank you both, for such a magical weekend in the DIRT!




dirty little luv muffin ride

Sunshine! Ponies! Sunshine! Ponies! Sunshine! Ponies! Mud!
see how WIIILLLDDD the pony looks!! i love the pony!!!!! check out his crazy furry coat and mane!

eszter has a much more appropriate title for our ride-date on sunday. but honestly, the ride was really one of the dirty-est rides of the year, it was indeed NOT a little ride (50 mi, 6,500vert, 4.5 hrs, i think? Ez?), we ate muffins, we rode bikes, we ran with real ponies, and all that makes for a lot of mtbLove. So there you have it.

we do pretty much have the same story:
ride up sunshine, then up some more, then down-up thru gold hill, then up, then up, then down-up-down into Ned, then eat a super yummy muffin and coffee from the Co-op, then up, then up Mag, then down Mag, then more down Mag, then down the canyon, then up 4mile, then up poorman, then down sunshine. then home.

or, it could be conveyed like this: dry pavement, dry/damp dirt, really damp dirt, ponies!, white-velvet ice, mud, clean chains with snow, more slushy mud, more mud, some ice, clean chains with snow, dry pavement, muffin, coffee, dry pavement, mud, tailwind, slush, mud, tailwind, slush, stupid-ffin' subaru flying by absolutely spraying us with more slush, then more mud, more slush, then pavement with fine-grained sand for a nice really long time, dry pavement, dry pavement with massive boulders in the middle of the road, then some tacky dirt, then dry pavement, then home.

and yes, we did giggle the whole time... most particularly during the muddy sections, which was pretty much most of the dirt roads, which is a large part of the whole ride.


i think for both of us the highlight of the ride was seeing and running/riding with the ponies! tho the treat-stop at the co-op came in a close second ;-) and, i have to say, just getting to ride with ez on such a lovely day, all day, was just freakin' awesome! i had an absolute blast, and am still glowing from the whole day!

hope everyone got some sunshine this weekend! next storm: tomorrow.



outlook good

i've decided that it is A-OK to over-process my photos because basically this is how i view the world anyway... might as well give you an accurate representation of JenyVision, eh?

this is an accurate representation of how i view the current 'state-of-being' and 'play-time' for all the mtbFreaks i know:

(yes, we are all just out there, splashing around in puddles and getting dirty on purpose ... with absolute JOY).

i seem to see the SKY reflected in all things... somehow.

maybe i just like the color blue. i definitely just like RR tracks.

this bike has wings... even tho it's not going anywhere. in fact, i would venture to say that this is a magical bike. that is what JenyVision says, anyway.

i'm almost positive that ed is quite sick of me sticking to his rear wheel these days. i've come up with a new technique for NOT bumping his rear wheel when he transitions between sit-pedal and stand-pedal. and no, honey, i'm not going to tell you what that new technique is, because you'll just get more frustrated with my extra-close mtbPresence. ;-) teehheee!!!

i found my painted pony today. however, she ran away when i held out my hand. and, she wasn't moving very fast at all.... gggaaaahhhhhhhh.....

ghost singletrack. yes.

thanks for checking in! hope everyone found at least one puddle to whole-heartedly leap into today ;-)



dawn and dusk ride day

one of my favorite memories from childhood is that feeling and sense of tiredness and late-day-outside-play of after-school soccer practice. a very large part of that sense had to do with the smell of wet grass in the late afternoon.

i got to ride through that smell today, really worked ..... before the winter storm hit. i was driving home in a snowstorm in 30 degrees no more than 10 minutes after the following pix were taken.

looking west

looking east

chalk up another 'sneaky ride' to pure luck ;-) 40 miles with the pony without having to wear my winter shoes OR my rain coat ;-)



patiently awaiting spring...



Saturday morning: coffee, oatmeal+berries, and some yoga out on the deck, basking in the sunshine.

Saddled up the SS pony and hit Stagecoach to Wittier ... to the top at Squaw in 58:50! I thought I wouldn't make it at all, let alone make it in under and hour ;-) ... and on the SS no less.

That got my happysmack goin'!!!

So I rolled down through Old Squaw, back onto 103, then down into Soda Creek and up the last few steep pitched climbs of the neighborhood. Then rolled 'backwards' (relative to the route I usually take) through the ridge (where the heck were YOU calGone?), and took the meandering and climby way home ;-)



Sunday was bound to be another SS climb-fest. Ed joined me (inspired me) ... and together we came up with THE most convoluted route possible for a 4-hour jaunt around some of the higher 'hoods. No, Juth, we did NOT find your house, despite covering almost EVERY SINGLE ROAD UP THERE (more than once) ... looking for the ominous Orange Door.... Where are you in relation to the TreeFreaks as pictured above, eh!?!?

I definitely didn't expect it, but I felt SPECTACULAR once again ;-)

Thanks, Edmund, for the lovely mud-flinging fest. I really enjoyed that one ;-)



change of scenery

i'm sick of seeing the race-post, too;-)

how about some RED VELVET CAKE instead?

No? How about my SS, back from a filthy-making long day?

yes, it's still icy and icky here... but not icky enough to keep us from exhausting outselves silly. the SS is offering a nice change of pace.... well, that and the VooDoo Kitty is making some REALLY wrong noises from OP. BrandNewBB Issues? REALLY?

or how about BooBoo, recovering from his TeamBooBoo race efforts?

see what you did to him DB? he had so much fun ;-)

or how about some birthday GOODNESS!! Happy Birthday GooneyBunny!

and.... that is about all i've got.

well, except for all these grand ideas for riding ...... still bouncing off the walls and scheeming rides like MAD!