This kind of place, with this kind of time, gives me a different understanding of ... TimeOff.

Sending all of our loved ones -- friends and family alike -- warm and loving light.

Peacing, Out.




when Right-ness strikes,
the energy flows
-- freely, pure
--- and wild

from the heavens
to the earth
--and back
--- with grace

directly through the agent
of love
-- where spirit and body meet
--- deep in the heart

ed and i eloped this weekend. wwwhhheeeeeeee!!!

Photo Credit: Jen Judge

we escaped to the MagicalWhiteMesa, we met-up with our soul-friends Jen and Aaron, we prettied up ourselves and the ponies, and we all galloped across the land. we stopped in the middle of the desert world to honor the love and trust that unites our partnership ... with a soulful, sunlight ceremony ... and we rode on!

Photo Credit: Jen Judge

i WILL have a world of the most incredible pictures to share with you -- but i won't have access to THOSE until later next week.

meanwhile, i can give you a little teaser of photos (these photos NOT from our soul-friend jen who labored with deep love to capture our MagicalWhiteMesaMarriage on film), these are photos from Ed and I... our random, point-and-shoot, hyper-manic, camera-flinging point of view.

my starling, my husband ... on our way to the MagicalWhiteMesa...

and after The Big Kiss:

where we tied the knot... out there, on a ridge line, in the succulent desert light:

our soul friends: jen the photo-goddess, and aaron, our deep and poetic master of ceremonies, riding brilliant single track:

aaron was all business when he needed to be:

which was often, today:

ever need a pair of scissors, a rock, brute man-strength, and the sacrifice of a steel tool to change a tube? yeah -- that kind of fun!

it was a most beautiful day ... the most beautiful day i've ever had the luck to live through.

a quiet moment, before the ceremony ...

Jen worked INCREDIBLY hard, all day long ...

riding with her pack of camera and lenseS ... and other surprises and goodies...

not only as photographer ... but as my deep soul-friend and spirit sister.

Jen and Aaron surprised us with the most divine cake and champagne at the end of our ride. They made this cake -- made it and decorated it and completely managed to SURPRISE us with it all:

they also managed to completely surprise us by kicking us out of their house ;-):

I wish that I could share with you the depth of the love, light and energy that was flowing and aligned and brilliant ... as well as my experience of my soul-friends, my soul-mate, and the wildly graced world we inhabited this day... but i am finding that there are sincerely no words for these things. not a single one.

Thank you, my starling, my love, my beautiful partner in crime.
Thank you, my spirit friends -- thank you from the core of my very being.
Thank you, family, for your love and support and energy!!!
Thank you, Universe -- thank you for every breath, for every drop of light, and every ounce of energy.