Naughty and Nice

Speaking of Weather, of course;-) (well, mostly).

We'll start with NICE:

Nice weather brings all day affairs out on singletrack with blissful buddies and bountiful sunshine.

While Naughty weather brings 15" of powder for pure tele bliss -- destroying the body like only tele skiing can do.

It's been a lovely, lovely nicely naughty week.



lr said...

Sweeet! Give me a call next time - of course if its only a 5 mile ride! Please tell me you don't you kill it on tele's like you do the bike?!? Ok, we need to get together woman! Lookin good.

Buzz said...

Hey!..is that one of my favorite all time Space Cow Girl rock starlettes Michelle rippin' it up?

wow! that is some radical terrain, in both conditions! and a radical change in the weather!

Nice one JJ....thanky for sharin'



JenyJo said...

LR: you know the story. Yes. Play time.

BUZZZZ:!! YES!! OMG, i can't believe i didn't tell the world that i rode with michelle -- i'm such an idiot! AND< i didn't give her the PHOTO CREDITS for the shots she took... i'll have to go do that now... thanks so much for the slap on the wrist!!



Kevin aka. PBR said...

I was up there last thursday and saw that same plume of smoke.

nice pics as always! Tele till your smelly! ;)

JenyJo said...

Kevin: THURSDAY? we were up there Tuesday --- they must have some stuff to get rid of up there... or soemthing. weird.