a month in review

so many different things to get up to.

i think booboo expresses it the best.

i'm hiding from you, you cannot see me.

why are you invading my teepee space, woman!

you're not looking at me. you do not see me. i am not in my teepee.

other fun things we have been getting up to:

nice soft in-bound snow...

and perfectly wonderful singletrack ... in December.

life is good. even booboo thinks so.



Buzz said...

ALWAYS love Jeny vision! BooBoo's black lower jaw accentuates that feline smile so nicely!

Shot from the ski lift is very COOL!..I can tell by the leg shadows which side you are on.....nice strong MTB women legs!!


Peace to you and Ed!


JenyJo said...

HA! you think you can tell?

alrighty then -- which side?

booboo goateeee ;-) he's a funny little nut that cat.


Buzz said...

Uh oh!...now you got me wondering

skinny ski side?

a neat shot none the less!



JenyJo said...

no, not skinny ski side ;-)

post more ocean shots and shots of hamal!!! beautiful world you got goin' on there!!


led lights said...

these pictures are awesome!