chickadeeeee date!

Woke up December 26th, and hung out in the PJ's all morning. Hot Mama sent a text, saying that she and the Princess were meeting for a ride date... so, the chickadees had a fancy little meeting of the ponies.

So, on with the ride clothes, and out the door to meet Liz and Michelle for a little play time in the Heat of December.

UP we go, girls!! Giddy UP!

photo credit: Michelle

And then down down down....

photo credit: Michelle

And last, a quick celebration of BlissFULLness....

photo credit: Michelle

Back home just after dark, showered, and back into the Pajamas.

Perfect day. Thank you, girls!!!

It's still nice outside --- so go out there, and roll around in it!



TVC15 said...

hanging around the likes of you two, my wheels look too damn small -- and my ass looks too damn big!

;)thanks for a really special day yesterday, girls! see you for a repeat, soon! :)

TVC15 said...

ps: i'm burning those ****ing shorts.

lr said...

Oh those comments are some good shit! Yes, your wheels are for baby-girls but your shorts are awesome! Since your old bike is broken, can we go shopping for a new one? Time for big-girl wheels!

JenyJo said...

TVC: woman, there is a reason i call you the Hot Mamma!!! HOTNESS...

nice riding you two --


thanks again for such a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Well I think yr all hawt MTB chickadees melting the coldness. ;-)
'With yr ness!
Awesome day out..... and some rocking single track.
Hmmm feeling the good envy.
There must be a single track bubble over your way JJ...... for some single track sweetness.
Loving seeing you guys making tracks.
Miff ;-x

Richard said...

OMG! Where are these trails?

R.Matthew Simmons said...

I swear, you have one of the better MTB blogs in these parts.

JenyJo said...

Richard: really? Apex.

Furious: that is mighty kind of you.....