the one thing

there are so many things i could write about. although, i feel an inadequate capacity (tonight) to get it all in one spot ... in any effective manner, anyway. so this'll have to do.

huge kudos to those finishing ... well, all those riding the KMC. Damn, Kids, that looks like it was the primo-event. Glad you all had so much fun. Dave and M: NICE JOB. We should all ride sometime, no?

off the tip of my mind, i'd like to honor the following:
all the Truly Brave
the conquering and endlessly driving, pushing, mastering

this weekend's mtbAdventures turned up:
roughly 95 miles and

not bad for going into it feeling ... yes, still deeply fatigued.

oddly, mile 30 (of 50) or so on saturday turned things around.
i have no idea why.
sundays climbing, while slow, was still on the plus side of energy.
go figure.

my current theory:
i burned whatever the hell it was OUT of my system.
we'll see if it lasts.

a few moments of miles and other intricacies:

friday nights ride was a wickedly delightful date in the sunset of a taxing week. the trail was sweet and empty; tacky and in great shape; we had a deliciously delightful time weaving the base of the mountain, following the trail of the rainbow, and generally riding giddy through the forest.

saturdays ride started 100% completely innocent. the plan was for a quick trip through this, over to that, down that one road, up to that one trail and then let's see what happens. you'd be surprised one what one can do within 57 miles on and off DIRT around Evergreen. Yup. my favorite parts: single track. that it happened at all. the picnic table. that other bunch of singletack. my favorite (and possibly the most teeny) loop at ... um, that one trail (with the dirt and the rocks and the ... flowers on it). the angel flowers. the picnic table. the climb out of the valley of the picnic table. getting lost when it was my turn to make decisions. blowing out the system and the expectaions and finding a bunch of well-fed drive hiding within.

sundays ride ......... what an amazing day. i think i was high on whatever it was that saturday did to me. as tired as i was, as tired as my legs were ... it all worked WELL. climbing was difficult, but not empty. the energy-spirit seemed to be a little on the playful and manic side. and i enjoyed every single little second of it. again in a world that inhabits the entire first 18 years of my life: we were riding in new territory, and with no one around. despite the plethora of roadies and cars and human busy-ness that bounced around in the spaces around us, in our exploration and trail finding: Z E R O. and freaking blissful.

then, spending father's day celebration 100% completely spent is always fun and adventurous in it's own right. especially the trampoline.

if i had to pick one moment to dwell on ... i'd pick the forest. the brook. the silence. and the infinitude that it held.

if i had to say one thing about this weekend: i'd like to say: Thunder. all the way around and through everything ... and i wish i would have said something about it, in that infinitude.


Ed said...

Thundering back into high energy!


Dave said...

J, yes we should! Ya'll plannin' on Crested Butte next month? Fred and I are already hatching plans to hang out that weekend.

And it's so close!!