takes time to pick a place to go

i spent the weekend out, sneaking around on my bike.

physically, saturday felt better than sunday,
but sunday required more ... nerve.

it was well worth it. smiles both days
basking in the sunshine of that awesome
weather that exists in the space
between spring and summer.

i still sport a sunburn.
go figure.

Saturday: 8 hours out in the sunshine
on the bike
with a fair measure of climbing
and endless exploration.

legs felt good. wind was on hold. light was rich. clouds were blossoming. curiosity was expanding. i saw a gangster car and a hideout. i got to watch the humming birds dance. i got to climb a hill that did not match my power-state, and nailed it nonetheless (with pauses). (climbing is the only true measure. i like to spend time in that manner).

sunday: is a secret.
i will never tell.

felt: tired. good, but tired. not as tired as during the week, and not as many cold/chest/sinus issues. but tired. fatigued. and not quite like i know i can.

but the energy is rising!

and i'm scheming.

yes i am.

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Dave said...

Oooh, scheming is good. Rising energy and big smiles are even better!