wednesday's wonderland

absolutely and completely riding myself into the ground here.

and lovin' every last single second of it.

for ed's pix from today go here.


we started out with a spectacularly pleasant 3K climb to here:

then scrambled, bikes on back, another few hundi feet to here:

ed, starling, loving every single step:

and then proceeded to ride the very edges of the wide-angle ridge line, total vertigo moments included... (see ed next to the edge!!!!?)

... scraping the blue ink of the sky, all along the edge ... for EVER.

in the pic below, we bombed down from where we were, then up the faint singletrack that heads up the right side towards the ridge, rolled delicately well beyond that, and then some, along the ridge line that goes straight right out of the right edge of the pic.

life is grand.

felt surprisingly well, and cleared more climbing that i ever would have thought on day 5 of our little bender. i know 5 days is a row is nothing too impressive. neither is 27 hrs out on the ponies in those short days.

but still. jeny is ti-ti.

i love our bender.



Anonymous said...

You love your bender....?!
I LURVE your bender.
Pony climbs them thar hills nimble....Awesome stuff.
Go well JJ ;-X

JenyJo said...

and we want pix.
yes, that is the way to do it. tell Ja,Man JJ says. watch him laugh at Jj ;-)

YOU GO WELL TOO!!!!!!!!!

see you someday. i just know it.


Carey said...

I'm enjoying your bender as well..would love for you to quietly tell me the specifics of this particular ride sometime..looks epic.

Sandblogger said...

How are you jj? I keep expecting to run into you kids at some point, but it hasn't happened. Say hi to the not-quite-as-social-one for me.

MADDUHA said...

life is grand

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Send GPS file please. I MUST go there!