resuming the breakfast rollllllls!!!

lucky morning laying fresh tracks on fresh trails. lucky morning riding with an icing of fog and cool air --wrapped around a dense cake of singletrack and forest. scrumptious. a blessed breakfast ride, if you ask me.

the only real pic from the breakfast roll this morning:

liz really rocks it.


thanks liz!

more please.



Anonymous said...

Liz!..oh yeah..on an SSer to boot!! LIZ is a vellllly interesting human women!


Do you know ....BARNSTORMING?

I got this idea/vision; yourself, Michelle,Carey,Ester(s?),Beautywild,Liz,MIFF or other key team members(?) barnstorming around this beautiful land we live in giving smoooovee, mental stokeout coaching clinics and summit picnic lunches for all the duyfs that need a little INSPIRATION(like...myself and my geezer riding buddies!?).

'course you wouldn't make as much moola as you prob do sittin' in the desky..but man! the LOVE OF LIFE you girls could spread across the land!!

I know ..I know...why would you want to do that when you already have ..COLORADO mountain bike HEAVEN of the UNIVERSE...at your doorstep...

But hey..think about it for a minute or two..?



Anonymous said...

Breakfast rolls.....hmmmmm, I really gotta get some of them in my daily dose of daily-ness.
Now I'm also liking MR Buzz's visions/ideas......click my heels 3 times right.
Beam me there.
Awesomeness flowing JJ.....just flowing.
Thanks for flowing it all the way over here.....;-x