what to do

barreling down the Year of the Ox today, I came across an elk ... an enormous female elk, standing on the side of the road, eating. I stopped and looked at her, because she looked to be standing rather oddly... and sure enough ... one of her back legs was broken. She just looked at me, and I just looked at her ... and I cried. I wanted to help her SO badly .... What am I to do?!?!? How can I help? Who do I call!?!? Oh my goodness. My heart just broke.

and... there you have it.



Ed said...

Oh honey!

When you see stuff like that it really is very upsetting. Back in Jersey, on a bike commute early in the morning, I ran across a fawn that had been hit by a car. It was laying by the side of the road still alive but seriously injured.

I stopped and tried to figure out what to do, I felt helpless. As a couple of cars rushed by I decided I would carry the little guy into the nearby forest, at least it would be quiet there. As I picked him up I noticed the mother hovering around and watching. I talked to both of them as I carried the fawn into the woods and gently laid him down. The mother came closer to the fawn as I backed away and returned to the street.

It was at the same time very touching and very sad.


JenyJo said...

thanks for that story, ed .... she was stuck between the highway and the frontage road in a thin strip of grass, eating. her family was down the road, sitting in the graveyard grass ... she couldn't move! i half expected her to be hit before i returned by that spot. i just talked to her a bit -- i actually asked her what i could do to help her..... lol. poor thing. she was gone when i returned.


human being said...

Y'all are ripping out my heart. Wow.