so, below you fill find short write-ups for the last couple of weeks, and links to the photo albums for each. seems bloggertools are ffing up and i can't upload my pix! ARGH!!!!! (seriously, if you just want to see pix, go to the two albums below). otherwise, read on!

6.08.2008 -- Colorado Trail Maintenance Weekend:

truth be told, i have no pix of this particularly scrumptious friday evening ride through the forest and the fields with ed, superfreak. and, i have no pictures of the super stellar, saturday big climb, full day of trail work, with the big lovely descent. aaahhhhhhh that was a satisfying day. (i think my better half has pix of both of those days. go look. we were dirty!)

nope. all i have are scenery pix from a super mellow, totally exploratory recon-hike on sunday.... the pictures are here:

6.15.2008 -- WEDDING WEEKEND!!

my best friend (jen) married her partner in crime (aaron) this last weekend. it was, hands down, a most complete, satisfying, full, deep and precious 4 days of riding, smiling, celebrating and honoring. they did it up RIGHT and deep like. i am so happy for them!

Wednesday we high-tailed it out of Evergreen at an ok-ish hour pm. Drove to Salida for yummy eats with Andrew -- and Tom was completely MIA... dude, where ARE YOU!?!? Wednesday night we stayed with our brilliant and super awesome special friends Gary and Patti in Del Norte. I love them!! We love them. We love their dog. You want to see pix? Go see Ed's site, as i was too lazy to break out the camera. Slacker Jeny.

Thursday we drove to Durango. Dropped off the thousand lbs of beer and checked into the Strater! Yehaw!!!!! we had red velvety wall paper!! we ditched the baggage and headed out for one of the best rides of the season! we hit some colorado trail, and just about blissed out on a nice 30 miler in the grace of the sun and dirty-fun trail. ed has pix of this ride!! omg, it was my absolute most best-energy ride this year so far...... i didn't want it to end!!! we were late for the sushi dinner with jen and aaron and all the family... and jen thought it was perfect! YES! I have pictures of sushi dinner and drunkken maddness! you will have to go see the album below.

Friday we futzed around in the morning then met up with jen and aaron and aarons brother jeremy ... and jens dad and step-mama. we dialed in a super sweet exploratory ride that dumped us back onto the colorado trail again, and jen, ed, aaron, myself and jeremy made a nice, phat loop out of it back into town. yeah, that didn't suck at all. no, i don't have pix. but ed does! Friday night ended in a really, really lovely fiesta above town in an open-air stone space above durango. jen and aaron really know how to do it up right! i have only a few pix from the fiesta. ed has pix of the ride. i am a lazy photographer. it's clear to me now.

OK, the real story: saturday i was up at 530 am. showered and dressed and in jens room by 6 in order to primp and prime and caffinate jen until she was good and right and ready: then we descended the stater stairs into the lobby, where jen and aaron held one another in their perfection ... and then we all walked through town to the train station. many pictures were taken. go see ed's blog (again). we all jumped on the train and enjoyed a casual, brilliant 3.5 hour train ride up into the glory of the rocky mountains. i have no words for this place ... it is beyond words. once in sliverton, we went and grabbed a quick ice cream!!! i do have to say that jen had rocky-road ice cream... in a creamy-white dress........ style, i tell you. then, the ceremony took place off the back of the train ... off the caboose!!!! ed ... has pictures, of course. we all jumped back onto the train for the 3.5 hour descent back into durango, delicious food and drinks and conversations filling up and overflowing with depth and ease and perfection. cake back at the strater. dinner at ken and sues. the sleep of the gods. i only have pix of the train ride home ;-) ed has pix of the whole adventure up, the ceremony, the down ... and then some.

please, please, go see the photo album... the best pix are at the end:

sunday. well, let's just say that sunday ed and i took the LONG way home and drove into new territory -- where we plan on doing some major exploring in the near future. 10-hours worth of scenic driving has pretty much put me over the edge and i'm now going to spend the rest of the week recovering and trying to get my head back on straight enough to endure sitting in an office looking at a computer screen!

and. so. i'm tired and off to bed.



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Ed said...


I had an awesome weekend traveling and exploring CO with you - again.

Some of the pictures are wonderful :-)