ix-neh on the ruita-freh

ed and i meandered around a relatively seldom traveled park before diving into the thanksgiving festivities. we had company:

there were a pair of them, protecting their area and basking in the sun. i liked to think that we were reflections of one another. they were quiet, seemingly at peace, and enjoying the snow and the light.

then we went to my fathers house for sue's gourmet feast (omg, and what a feast it was!)

my father and ed, both thinking no good can come when jeny has the camera

my outrageously beautiful sister and myself being our sneaky, secret-y, giggly selves (yes, she's married)

my darling, letting me sneak in a kiss for the camera;-)

i do believe that a good time was had by all. sue has more pix and i will post them if i ever get them! dinner was insanely fabulous, as was the company, as was everything (outside of my breaking sue's good dish - i'm so sorry).
our fruita plans have fallen through, as our good pals (our reason for traveling) called in 'sick' with the flu. i wish you a speedy recovery, Patti -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!!!!

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