i know i know i know....

ok, so it's been a while. not that anyone cares, but yeah, it's been too long -- and therefore boring. thank goodness there are so many people out there doing their amazing things to keep everyone busy and entertained (go read all the reports and trips and stories and inspirations in the 'curiosities' section -- plus all those on ed's site;-))!

the big news: i've moved to golden! i've moved out of the 1880's, 2-story , bamboo floor - granite counter top - priceless city views - and intriguing character of my 5 points 'apartment' (castle), and into a space that has walls with clean lines and defined spaces -- a space with a remarkably more grounded feel and sense -- space with tremendously gracious and delicate light -- a space that is clean and new and without ghosts -- a space in which i foresee the expansion and grounding of my life. there is good energy here, and i'm looking forward to spending some solid recovery time occupying this space.

the old house (i lived in the top 2 floors) -- yes there are ghosts here

the new house -- in the new space -- near all the t r a i l s!!!

the best part of this space is the proximity to TRAIL: out the back door, front door, side door: all i have to do is saddle the pony and go. given, i've not yet taken advantage of that opportunity and proximity, but i will. when the time is right.
Our pristine new home goes by the name of The Junkyard. Hillary and i stumbled onto the name at our first little house-warming/dinner party, and it seems to have stuck. Below are pictures just for pure entertainment:

the goods

dave, hil, cat, ed

practicing for the post-thanksgiving meal (or something like that)

So I've not been riding much (at all). I spent one remarkably warm, beautiful, almost powerful day out on the trail for Mateo's Great Hut Adventure, but other than that: I'm down -- down as in, wings clipped and I'm pending the recovery of energy. The day of Mateo's ride was remarkable tho! I found many moments of that magic energy that I have so missed this season. I also found many moments of complete exhaustion. It was strange, almost like the flow of energy was an ebb-and-flow, ON for one section of the trail and completely OFF the next. It was no matter tho -- because the light of the day was deep and warm and our crew rolled in bliss for hours. i've never seen buff creek in that light, actually. it was a remarkable day on the bike -- and a remarkable night celebrating with mateo, hanging out with his beautiful wife, and connecting with damn good people. (thank you, mateo!!!!!!). Goodness, that was HOW many weeks ago?
Despite the ride-less-ness of my time right now, Ed and I are headed to Fruita for a few days of delicious trail-meandering;-) I'm bringing a 29er just for fun, should I feel I can actually give up my Truth for more than a few miles. That ought to prove interesting. I'm looking forward to meeting up with Gary and Patti, my soul-people, and all will be well in our little universe.

Perhaps this is a predictable subject -- but no matter, it's important and worthwhile and worth the writing and exploration. I have to say that I know a list of all things I am grateful for would be extensive and quite the read. So I'll limit the written list: Right now, I have to say that I'm most grateful for the people in my life, all of whom affect me deeply, and to all of whom I wish to express my expansive love and appreciation:
edmund, darling
jo ann
j michael
sue bear
dr. douggie fresh
jessi bunny
dana, angel
xanthe, angel star
miss kitty, cat
hickory hil
morning-star dave
super cyn
tonka, shamoo
gary and patti -- bright spots in the universe
jen rockstar
aaron rockstar
jean-bean, power bunny
eb, the original sser
tony and chiapin
velveeta tom
steevie--man of his word
chaps and mar-mar
alotta-Todd-a and Jooles
the LongBergs

all of you have such a profound impact in my life -- so much so that i truly don't know how to express it. my heart is filled with love and appreciation for your presence and your magic. thank you for being and for being YOU!

a parting kiss -- for all the people here, there and everywhere (including bloggerland -- really!) -- you all rock!
Happy Thanksgiving!


FixieDave said...

Back at yah!

human being said...

he's at his best in the mornings


I'm polishing off that pint of BnJ's right now, roomie.

JenyJo said...

polish away, yo!



Glen Gollrad said...

You're too kind.... must be a 'different' glen on that list ~ as the one you likely mentioned is disappearing into la-la-land.

I have sipped the other Kool-Aid; Thy Mighty Cross-Aid! I'll stick with skinny tires on 700c - er - 'TwoNiner' - sized wheels though, thank you thank you, as I'm far too lame to navigate such a super-steed around these parts - or most any I'd bet, at this point.

Anyhow - sounds like all is well in JenyJenJen-Land, especially away from the diesel exhaust bus depot loft!

Best to you and must-be-FAST-now-shaved-my-legs-Ed.