days #1 and #2 back out on the pony!
just in time, too.
it's getting the perfect-est outside.

the captivating light that is outside, is also the enchanted light that is inside.
the dirt sublime.

when i roll through a stand of aspens, i inhale as deeply as i can.
and i hold it inside for a long time,
and i let it seep into the inner most core of every cell in my being,
and every corner of my spirit.
and i can feel the whole earthy season of it.

there is just so much LOVE to roll through - in - around - with.



Anonymous said...

Ooooooooooooooooooooh JJ; Dayom.....that won't so....so JJesque ..fast, graceful...calm...peaceful....and back fighty FLIGHTY. So much love around fer sure, and gee, you sure know how to remind us...well me. Thanks for your INspire. Much Lurvo. Miff ;-x

Carey Alina said...

Who makes your sunglasses? I like them.

Buzz said...


I love this:


simple..direct..forthright description of how you were *feeling*.

I get

GREAT to see you out on the trails JJ