usually i have great falling skills... one of my greatest assets as a mtn biker.

thursday, not so much. doh!

torn tendon in the right hand fingers ... but now i'm all taped up and ready to get this line next week.... or the week after ;-)

more to follow! it's been a magic summer and fall, and i have a few thousand pix and adventures to share... and now i have a little time to do so!



ssportsman said...

Heal Quickly!!! Most of my scars and injuries were from slow, techie climbs (at least until I moved to BC, now the descending scars are gaining ground)

Anonymous said...

JJ: Your falling skillz rock! And you had to, HAD to show a close up of the gnarl you were *gently* attending to.....argggghhhhhh....what your friend Michelle said....Bravo Crazy MOFO Bravo!
Heal well ;-)
Sweet jebus..... I shake my head!!!!
Miff ;-X

Juancho said...


Laidlaw said...

Hope you heal fast! And congratulations for even having the balls to try to get up that! I wussed out sooooo much on today's ride, on things that are a sunny glass of lemonade in comparison!


Pablo said...

Is the bike OK?

Gary B. said...

I'm so sorry! Paying your dues, I suppose. Heal quickly.

JenyJo said...

pablo... yup;) pony is ayeokaaay.


thanks, team!


Buzz said...

Holy smooly JJ! How in the hell are you gonna get across that gap and UP the big rock??!!

Your back doesn't hurt after that twist on the landing? Oh to be young and flexible again!

You are amazing...much to be learned by us fraidy cats in the slo mo of that vid.

Go easy on that bod it has to go the distance!


Thanks for sharing!


Carey Alina said...

Yo JJ! I feel your pain..healing a 7 centimeter gash on forehead..all stitched up. Sometimes the falls are epic..):
Heal fast!!!

Anonymous said...

JJ, sending some positive vibes your way - hope you heal up quickly.

jonny said...

wow great shot