best backpacking trip ever.


Thank you, Starling.

and... ever see a white elk?

More later... much more later. 550 pix of 3 days, 2 nights, summits and summits and endless ridge lines of grassy, rocky, snowy, mtn goaty, elky, flowery more worth of more.



Buzz said...

Wow!..hangin out that high has to profoundly affect ones being...Yah?

...that bliss thing.

I betcha the native Americans that roamed those mountains knew a wonder we just don't find in the matrix.


Looks incredible JJ. good for you guys!

Carey said...

I see a little one in there too..very nice.

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooooeeeee, I can't wait for more and more of this *high* trip. A white elk....wow, wondrous...what a treat Natrix gave you...
Waiting.....waiting....can hardly wait.....
Miff ;-x

Juancho said...

The noble White Wapiti! A good omen for sure.

TVC15 said...

beautiful. first i've ever heard of a white elk! lovely post, jj.

RedRockChica said...
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