for my girls...

... who keep me inspired and filled with light...

bright and early thursday with michelle

sat and sun with Eszter

miff, these are for you, too.... to keep you rollin' in happy singletrack style, and to let you know that happy-place hunting-by-pony is still the name of the game (and actually, the answer to everything).

for you, and thank you.




Carey said...

Yea! I LOVE the first image, AMAZING!

TVC15 said...

see you thursday for a repeat. ;)

Buzz said...

I LOVE the second image in the B&W series...a Yogini could do it..no problem..but only a Dakini('she who traverses the sky' or 'she who moves in space') could SEE it.


Yeah now!


JenyJo said...

carey: these are for you, too ;-)

michelle: read your texts ;-)

buzz: as long as i don't have to wear a bikini! ;-) actually, that was one of my faves, too.

thanks for lookn'at the pix!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhh JJ. And you come and fill me with inspire and light. Happy place, happy space is the answer on the wheeled pony! The photos and the smiles in those photos could melt a thousand pony wheels over. I'm melted!
Rollin we will, single track style.... oh yeah!
Big mwahs and hugs....and I'm so so so happy to hear your wheels spinning....mind and soul...mine are spinning for sure!
PS Eszter arm warmers are so funky!

lr said...

Yeah! Girls on bikes. Can't wait for girls weekend on the West Slope.