head in the clouds

so i'm barreling down the last bit of local, back-woods singletrack for the night ... rippin' along, just minding my own business ... head completely in the clouds ...

i round a corner and for some reason 'come to' (apparently my head was REALLY lost in the clouds)... I come to, look around as I start to bank the last bit of this turn... and what do i see?

i see that i'm about to barrel straight into the middle of a large herd of elk!!!

look who was there!(horrible picture, but i couldn't pass taking this one)

yup. he was bugling and chasing ALL of the femmes around. he was definitely large and in charge.

anyway... other pix from the ride this evening:



Anonymous said...

nice pix! Those darn elk are everywhere these days...eating everything that's green, poohing, peeing, and mating in the yard. Autumn must be right around the corner.

Hope you're feeling well.

Carey said...

Very nice..Love the last image! The sound of bugling elk is quite magical to me!

Pablo said...

Sweet. We saw a porcupine up at Catamount last night. Not quite as impressive as a heard of elk though.

Have fun this weekend and good luck.