for ez

saturday's hike:




Ez said...

Ponies need to go flying together! Soon!

Adam said...

My mom who is 5'2'' with a 29in stand over height was eyeing 29er's....how tall are you and how big is your voodoo?


btw - long time reader (love the pics) first time commenter haha.

JenyJo said...

hey there, adam. i'm 5'7" ... and the 15" zaka is JUST barely big enough. ;-)

however -- i do have a 5' 2" friend who rides the exactly same 15" bike and has this to say:

"i'm 5'2", Wearing cycling shoes I have floor-crotch 28.5". With 2.55 wtb weirwolfs (big tall floaty tires) standing over my Zaka. my chammy lightly touches the TT - so I have pretty much zero clearance.

and, she rocks the heck outta that 29er (and all other bikes for that matter).

hope that is helpful! and thanks SO MUCH for checking in! neat to know!!!

go play!