wednesday's delight ...

... moved to the afternoon light!

it started off alright. smoove trail. saccharine sunlight. 3 sassy super ss'ers: jmb + cyn + moi (i faked ss and stuck the pony in one comparable gear and left it there)

oh... yeah ... this is off to a great start!!! first quote heard from another rider as we jumped onto the singletrack: "you all are missing the short-track races tonight, too, eh?" Helll yes.!!



we briefly picked up a 4th for a few moments


jj is not trying to run the pony into jb. nope.

jj + jb making nice

jj + jb have a little conversation. can anyone guess what words are being said???

thanks super stellar ss bunnies!

aaaahhhhhh...... perfect way to end a day.

sorry about losin' the keys and having to hang out in the parking lot for 1.5 hours for the rescue dude. DOH! the margs at dinner were a good reward for waiting, tho ;-)



Ed said...

So spacecowgirl spaced the placement of the keys.

Hmmm, about that "spare" key, I wonder if spacecowboy is going to pull the "I told you so." card....ooops, I already did.



Anonymous said...

Sassy sassy! Lurve it. Just lurve the sassy shadows.....gorgeous chicas on their steeds! Perfecto!
Afternoon delighto! SS fakin.....I like-in! Lucky for space cowboys..huh ;-)

jessica moon bernstein said...

So that's why you are the spacecowgirl :) let's ride again soon without car keys!

Anonymous said...

Jeny Jo!..the last(even though the SS super girlys are SUUUUPER cute!) picture in the series SPEAKS to my soul!!!

Hmmmmmmmm.....I wonder why?

Perhaps 'vision' and 'love' become one at some magic moment in time?

Can we really *capture* that moment?

Naaaaaaaaaah......we just keep ......rollin' and searchin'!




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