ez and chris' wedding weekend extravaganza


photo credit: AmyH

too many stories to tell all at once. which one do you want to hear about first?

  • pre-wedding chika roll?
  • secret stash rehearsal dinner?
  • wedding ceremony location hunting?
  • private super sweet and fancy three layer chocolate cake desert hour
  • stolen pony?
  • the weeeddddiiinnnnggg!!!!!!
  • returned pony?
  • rolling wedding party pony extravaganza?
  • the 'how is it we know each other again' story?
  • OMG: you're going to want to hear about the Bluegrass Playground HopFest Reception party. yeah that was fun.

don't know. it's up to you.

meanwhile... i have pix from the pre-wedding chicka roll ONLY. that is all i have. sorry spacefans ;-)

the wedding was beautiful, soulful, perfect. SO happy for you both!!!



Carey said...

i LOVE me some secret stash!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna hear see it ALL! Now! ;-)
What a WOW wedding.....way to go....way to roll.....
In mind with them on how they do weddings!!!! yeeha!
Secret stasheeeeeee....I wants!
miff ;-)