i heart whiteranch

i just love it. loooovvvveeee IT. i don't care what anyone says about the climbs, or all the waterbars, or the trail work that's been done. i love to climb the trails. i love to descend the trails. i love to roll over all the funkalicious rocks. i love whiteranch.

especially in the morning.

cal, post chain-drop

heavenly skies and light, jumping out of my skin while climbing ...

oooo look! another nap spot!

mmmmm... yummyyy... i want to go to there....

cal ... poor cal...

and this ... THIS is the way to wake up in the morning... i'll have me some of THIS trail for breakfast every morning, please.... thank you.

off the top, sort of, kind of, not really...

when is it ever this lush in the FR of CO? only today.

calGone... wrappin' it up!

thanks cal, for the company on the morning ride bliss.... that was a spectacular hoot of a ride.



Anonymous said...

Jeny Jo!...easy girl! ;-) don't get too *frisky* there! I just have this sneakin' feelin' you have some kinda EPIC adventure planned for all of us SCG fans!!??

I'm glad your feelin' better..made me smile at the end of my day!

Hope you made it to WORK on time!!

Haahhahhahahaa! @#$k work!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride JJ! Next time one of us will make that damn rock. most likely it'll be U.

brian stevens said...

nice photos and story of a very green white ranch

JenyJo said...

ANON: epic adventure? not anything too soon! "work"?? funny you should ask... at one point, barreling down the trail and through the trees, i had the strangest thought: "i'm going to be sitting at my desk in an hour." so foreign in that moment!! i have no idea why that thought appeared when it did. i tihnk it had to do with being SO happy to be where i was that it almost felt impossible that i was ever going to be anywhere else ;-) i'm relieved the knee/hammi is healing, too! makes me SO happy!

calGone: any time;-) that rock is easy. i don't know what our problem was this morning ;-)

BS: HEEY!!! thanks for stoppin' by!!