it's a date ...

... with my two hawt chicks and a mountain full of switchbacks.

my hawt chicks:: michelle and meg-o-ramma!!!!

one goal today: session switches. that was the request. so that is what we did.


moi, photo credit michelle

moi, photo credit michelle


photo credit michelle

don't mess with this one. she'll rip yer legs off.

mmmm has a hankerin' for some rocks...


photo credit michelle

photo credit michelle (thanks, michelle ;-))

teehhee!! more!

and then. and then it was all down hill. and who wants to stop to take pix going down hill? not me. not today. not til the bottom.

the end.



Jay said...

Great pictures of you chicas rocking the Chimney! Looks like you were having fun.

JenyJo said...

hey thanks, jay!

we did have fun ;-)

we're always having fun.


hope you are doing well!


Dave Harris said...

Wow, muscley! Hawt date indeed :)

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

'A mountain full of swithbacks....'
Beam me there!
JJ - Those rocks, ahhhh.....you Chicas rock. And rock on and on.
Hmmm you scare me....I got to go get me my own mountain of switchbacks over here before I come play in your sandpit!
What an amazing date! You chicas are hot! Where's the tape...yr so ripped!!!
Awesomeness prevails.
Yet again!

Anonymous said...


Check it out..Michelle is riding a freakin' freeride bike UP that stuff! She is a GODDESS!!

They have 'fallen to earth' and are sooooo kind as to share some skillz clues with us mere earthlings..

I think they are all trying to climb back to where they came from...HEAVEN!


JenyJo said...

DH: we're all just trying to be as cool and as hawt as you and LW. you know that, right?

MIFF: COME HOME TO US. You're a spacecowgirl, too. we need your brightness!!!!

MA: no freeride!! that's a yeti 575 -- standard colorado fare (fancypantsblingy) cross county lovin' bike. 26 inch wheels tho ;-))) some day i will convert michelle to a 29er... some day.

some day, the rest of my girls will see the 29er light.

until then.........


TVC15 said...

jj: agreed! not a free ride bike in my book, 'specially 'cuz it was built up pretty light. but yes, one day (hopefully sooner rather than later...) i will be riding a 29er. i already see the light. :) i just do what jj tells me to do, and shit just works out pretty well. ;) bergen next? xo, m.