short 'n sweet

short, sweet, sunday morning roll, thru a little slice of boulder's heavenly bubble...

with my sweetie pie, Ed.

happiness ensued

nursing the hamstring tendons, but between a nice hike, a nice ride, and the roller and the Ibu and the ice, it's not going as planned or expected ;-( must find a way for healing!

i thought the sunshine would heal!!!!




Anonymous said...

You've laid off the yoga for a while..? I was bummed to discover that my religious devotion and love of my yoga practice and the belief in it's power to heal my heart and mind would help my chronic ham pain,....but it was only prolonging it.

Super careful on the sore days now.

That was a HUGE effort on the KoKo Jeny Jo.

Ed's wisdom rings...patience..



Anonymous said...

Nurse away...acupuncture...massage....stretch..
It takes the time it takes.
It takes what it takes.
Your pony needs those hamstrings....for giddy up times ;-)
Boulder sunshine is beautiful.
I cannot wait to meet Boulder sunshine, my honey's hometown and your heavenlyhome.
Miff ;-x

John Romeo Alpha said...

Incredibly, lushly beautiful. With the quiet of just bicycle wheels turning.

Carey said...

I know your frustrated..especially when U think you're doing everything to help it along..it will heal with time my friend..but sooner the freaking better, right, right.