Saturday EdVenture!

... out the door by 6 am. this is becoming a lovely habit, weekend and week day. i love the morning fill of fresh sunlight.

on the ponies by 7, rolling up, trying to shoot the gap before the horse race, we caught the rare few days of spring-flower explosion in the high desert.

my beautiful partner in crime. today's EdVenture was his idea. it was a spectacular idea. and, true to form, something new *every* weekend.

my Starling!

it was a purple morning.

sweetness everywhere.

around 15 miles out. we stashed the ponies and donned the running shoes.

and proceeded up the straight-up yummy trail.

we gained altitude immediately, and it was glorious. (thank god we left the ponies behind).

more purple.

and the summit provided 360* views... we lounged a bit, and accidentally took a solid nap. drool and all.

we had such sweet company up there on the top.

did i mention that it was lush? the hike back down was a lot faster than the hike up!

3 hours later, we returned to the ponies, and saddled up...

... for the lovely 15 mile ride back to the car.

and home we went ... whereupon, after stuffing face for dinner, i promptly fell asleep before the sun went down.

lovely day, starling. thank you for your everything!!



Anonymous said...

Daaaaaang!...lovingly lovely FUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!

Lucky(and smart!) man...lucky(and very thankful!) woman!

I am NOT envious!....but I just had to say it.....heheehehehee!



Anonymous said...

Oooooooh. ThankYOU too Mr Edventure for your adventure with JJ. Just divine. I could jump into those photos....'purple morning..' ....'sweetness everywhere...'
Just oozing uber uber wonderfulness.
You got itttttttt going on ;-)

Anonymous said...

....and by the way Jeny Jo..the honey bee photo was off the chart technically!



Dave Byers said...

Pure greatness you two! Love the pics and the energy JJ. :)

JenyJo said...

the bee was so sweet to sit there patiently and let me do a photoshoot of him... as ou can see, he's dressed in his sunday best!