dancing in the fog and drizzle

morning time!!!

intro pic: this is a pollen pucker pod. they go pouff.

extra early today (thank you darling!). deep greens covered in mist and deep silvery clouds. a ghosty morning, begging to be experienced.

i can do nothing but oblige ;-)

stay flat, or climb? i cannot help myself sometimes. especially when the day is decorated in special silvery clouds. banked the left and started the rowdy wonderland ascent.

into the beautiful. into the clouds. into quietness. into happiness.

followed at least one set of tracks. catch them? teehhee... continue basking in silvery bliss.

scoping potential nap spots for future endeavors... you know, if miffy from aussie ever needs to come ride in these woods and nap.

silver solitude.

oo. future nap spot. what's that noise?

could it be? sounds. pony sounds. and male sounds? yup: other riders. lo-and-behold: TONY!!!!

Tony says: maybe best not to go that way: mama bear + 2 cubs!!
do they look like men afraid of bears? you decide.

turned around and proceeded to get my speed and mtbfunk freek ON!

and there are no more pix because of it ;-)

silvery downhill mad-fast thru funk is such succulent fun.



Glen Gollrad said...

THAT is an awesome photo! I love it. Nooo...... we're not scared of mama bears!

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha.....scope away! I like IT! You look for forest nap spots and I look for rock playgrounds for your pony!
Loving your foggy misty magic morningness....
Boys, bears.....cuddly?!?!? Awww, pitures next time or it doesn't count.....then they can speed funk away ;-)
Miff ;-x

Gary said...

You're becoming quite the morning person, welcome. It's great isn't it! I love the knee photo! Isn't your SS pony feeling neglected? Send some of that moisture this way, it's gettin' dry here!

Brian Stevens said...

was that Bergen peak trail of elk meadows? Nice morning ride!

JenyJo said...

GLEN!!! you crack me up ;-)

MIFF: we got rox ... and they're allllll waiting for you ;-) get here! go check out my vids. they tell better chunky singletrack stories, albeit rather 'over jeny' and repetitive ;-)

GARY!!!! i used to get up early morning all the time. i think i took the last 3 years as a hiatus. it feels good to be back ;-)

BS: Yessir!