early morning parade

tuesday morning is elk morning! most of them have shiny new coats!

i like the little fuzzy, spotted babybunny!



Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh, shiny shiny parade! I love them. I want one. Gonna come get one ;-)
So now I'm going to try and find a tree top parade of koalas for you.....
Oh and BEST ever shadow shot.....chasing shawdows....on my wheels ;-x
Mwah. Wonderfulness.

JenyJo said...

ooooo!!! koalalalaalaaaassss!! i wanna seeee!!

yesterday morning was elk parade. this morning was bunnie parade. i am not fast enough with the pixleator to pix the bunnies.

go chase shadow. post more pix.




Dave Byers said...

I LOVE seeing the little ones in the spring. The fuzzy elk babies are adorable. I saw twin moose babies last Friday and I wanted to kidnap them and take them home with me...but of course I didn't. :)