a wish ...

it's not possible

to soak in

enough of this earthen season,

this ambered season,

this season of chroma and soil

this piercing time of shift and evolve.

i want to roll around in the radiant. the earth. the gold. the rust. the grainy aroma of.

to soak it in more

to soak IN every last bit of it's wild essence

and get it all meshed in with my soul. this season soul and my soul. one.

to know it longer

to savor it every day in life

because it feels that rooted

and that intricate

and that enlightening.

this is where and when

the earth life feels most passionate. most undeniably phenomenal.

and about 100 more pix here:

hope everyone is gettin' all crazy within it -- out in it ;-)



jaman said...


Anonymous said...

Can't keep up................YES in it, out in it. Love and mega hugs to you both.... for being and bringing the IT. In it. /out in it. ;-X

bluechair84 said...

new to your blog, stunning photos! I'll be back :)

Carey said...

the root of the root..I get it my dear!

Buzz said...

such subtle beauty..and inspired words.

epic JJ



Sonya said...

Amazing pics and words. Brings tears to my eyes because I know exactly how connected you feel.

liz said...

Nice....Blog lessons again this weekend!

Laidlaw said...

Sigh, this makes me want to get out of this office immediately!

Anonymous said...

Simply Delightful.

Dave said...