originally, a west-bound rock fest planned for two. then three. then four. but then only three. and then extra sadly, just two. 23432.

so liz and i made sure to just ride enough for four regardless.

liz is still the tech queen. and we had ourselves a fancy-footwork kinda weekend.

we even had the pleasure of conning these two (dave and chris) out-of-towners into sessioning all that the fruita-singletrack-scape has to offer (yes, they had to listen to us all day long ... not sure what it was that kept them with us ... they must have had ear-plugs in ;-):

liz and i both had some really great mtb moments.

and then some not-so-much:


such lovely.




we had 3 full meals at the HAWT TOMAAATOOOO!!! and it was grand. highly recommended ;-)

FULL set of pix here:

the end.

michelle -- get ready for next time. no sicky beforehand next time, eh!!!



liz said...

next spring we are shooting for a four-pack of WOW. michelle - i hope you are feeling better. it's been a couple years since i've seen ya! jj, nice pics....again.

Anonymous said...

Now that's ROCKtober! Awesome riding ladies!

Laidlaw said...

mmmm Hot Tomato, going out for our own WOW next week, and soooooo looking forward to the only great pizza west of the Delaware River.

And hopefully find some less technical trails than you girls are ripping the hell out of! hahaha

Carey said...


MC said...

Feeling a little O-fended that my presence wasn't requested.


I like rock. Rock is good.



Anonymous said...

WOW. Wow. WowEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Those rocks are mega awesome. And um, are they getting bigger all the time. You gal-handled them on your ponyies in fine fine fineeeeee style. Shaking my head.....and grinning~!!!!!
Miff ;-x

JenyJo said...

MC: rock likes YOU. sent you an email. no offenses.

calG: RockTober...i like that.


Kabazuk said...

Nice Blog and nice pics...
Big hug from Portugal