whatever it takes

if it takes riding to the top of this same mountain every single day

to find the right re-set...

then that is what i'm going to do.

happy-er-ness up there. getting there. being there. and flying back.

makes me all dancy and manic.



Anonymous said...

JJ you are soooo close!

"Such is the technique of the Tantrikas. They make no attempt to deny or circumvent the disturbing and potentially destructive effects of the wrathful dakini or daka. Instead, they enter directly into the disorienting realm of the shadowy spirit beings so as to build a roaring conflagration in their navel center. It is a dangerous practice, for they risk being shattered or burnt to a cinder in the heat. But when used skillfully, when employed as the most natural and straight-forward source of psychological and physiological boost, they use the wrathful dakini's disturbing power to propel themselves into the region of nectar's bliss. Like gravity-employing space vehicles, they calculate the danger in full consciousness. Instead of succumbing to the wrathful dakini's power helplessly and unconsciously, and thereby losing their awareness in a shattering crash, they redirect their attention to the dragon of their soul's life energy. Riding the serpentine head of kundalini as she streaks up the central channel of their interior palace, they attain the cranial vault where nectar transmutes their arousal to bliss. At this point the dakini is no longer a wanton and dangerous challenger. Her unfettered spontaneity ceases to be a threat and becomes an invitation to the dance. Nectar gives us the freedom of the open sky. We have dropped all presuppositions. We have ourselves attained the spontaneity of the daka or dakini. "

You got it goin' on more than you know.



Carey said...

LOVE your determination!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm thinking at least 27.6, or maybe 35........times......... I'm with you on this ;-)