a lot of the the time, my biggest challenge is simply crossing the threshold of the sahara desert
that is my front door.

any time i can make that happen, it's a huge success. i need to remember this.

thank the universe for sunsets that entice me out and keep me entangled in singletrack well into the magical hours.



Anonymous said...

Ah JJ, yes so true, the insurmountble pass is often, our very own front door, of the mind.
Enticement and entanglement into single track sunsets like that.....keeps that door swinging. ;-)

Carey said...

motivation..that elusive element..where have I left it..have you seen it?

JenyJo said...

miff: ;-)

Carey: no idea... maybe ours are hanging out or hiding in the same place? it wouldn't surprise me one bit. now...... which rock do we look under?



Anonymous said...


keep *tuning* spacegals...you'll get back.