rock'n-roll ride date

huge thanks to LIZ for re-igniting a bit of the mojo fire...

Liz is the lean, mean, mtb-tech-princess-machine:

oooo.... can't wait for the next pony party!




liz said...

sweeeet photos girl! super fun morning. next week - 3 sisters sesh. hope your having fun in salida. see you next week.

Buzz said...

Wow! If that ain't MOJOvational I don't know what is! (Well JJ's previous movie was pretty freakin' hot too!) There's a video on Liz's blog of her clearing about 11 big water bars in a row...massive mental mojo pulling power....a little rock in comparison to the steps stops her at the top and....she apologizes!

Liz you can't fool ...we know...you ROCK!

Love the line on the entry to the down switch third to last pic.

I think we should hire a professional film crew for the upcoming 3 sisters sess



Anonymous said...

Pony partýs are where IT'S AT!
Party on down JJ and Liz.
You guys rock and roll like single track rockstars.
Miff ;-x

Anonymous said...

Impressive skillz!