inspiration ... for miff

MIFF, starbunny, this is all for YOU.

see: the pony still lives!!!

shot some video. not a vid for creative video sakes. a vid for roll-play sakes. this is for you - to giddy you with a few rocks and more switches.... same place as the switches/bitches photos from a couple weeks ago (i promise they're all steeper and harder than they look ;-) in the vid they ALL look easy) ... this time i caught myself clearing everything... (there were 2 that had stymied me that day -- and now they've all been GOT all good and sassy).

just a bit of roll inspiration ...

off to go roll with liz in the morning light. we will send rock and roll energy your way.



dawn said...

oops. you accidently inspired someone else, too.
THANK YOU! You rock (and roll) so awesomely! And now, going to go try this THING that's been bewitching me all summer. I have a plan...

PS. the word verification to make this comment is "sesester" one who sessions? HA. uncanny.

Sandblogger said...

Did you drop from VT125????

JenyJo said...

dawn: can't wait to hear how your THING goes!!! do report back one way or another!! WOOHOOO!!

SandyBlogger: Yup. No vt for jeny. ;-( we're headed down tho -- ed's still all lined up and firey ;-)


TJ said...

You make those look WAY too easy. Last time I rode the sisters from the bottom I can't say I made 'em all.

Anonymous said...


Great little vid and some skilled riding. You make it look way easier than I imagine it is in real life. Thanks for sharing it.

LDR said...

seriously? i can't make those switcbacks going downhill! nicely done my friend.


cool video of the single track and technical. Good editing.


Anonymous said...

JJ: Best EVER, rocking inspiration! Thank you thank you very deeply. You GOT that switching good and sassy alrighty! Sassy = you giving the air pump! Love it. Pony looks rearing and flaring to go...made for rocks and switch-er-roo sessions.
Inspiration: Yeah, you GOT me.
Miff ;-x

Anonymous said...

Nice riding! Love the fist-pump affirmations.