go outside... participate in the light.

anyone else find this particularly yummy looking? how about 5 miles, up hill, of this looserocklight? yeaaah. mmmm....

may the outside light get meshy with your inner light.



Anonymous said...

'...outside light all meshy with your inner light...' right on......weaving away! Ok, so I'm one wing down, but gee JJ, I coulda leapt into that delicious rock garden....Santa Cruz pony would be kicking heels through that. Yum! ;-X

JenyJo said...

awww... MIFF!! sorry to hear about the wing. heal QUICK, and heal strong.... sending you healight ;-)

that rock garden is sincerely 5 miles long... no rest for the wicked i supposed. time to go ride it this week, me thinks ;-) i've only hiked it (about a billion times).

heal up girl!


Primate PANZER said...

Beautiful Pictures as Always.
Greetings Friend

Anonymous said...

"may the outside light get meshy with your inner light."

Si Si! Donna JJ...armonia?